Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The new helmets and stuff......

The man who did this got the logo perfectly!!! The back has his number (3) on the back!We call her Flea! The artist did a flea bouncing all over her helmet! Perfect. The only problem is her head is so small, we are having a hard time finding a mask that fits and she can't wear the helmet in a game without the mask!!!Shrimp is her nickname! And there is the LA logo on the front with her number (6) on the back!Mike Scioscia signed the batting practice ball and my LA jacket!! Honey said I can't wear the jacket anymore. But I was thinking I might take some emboridery thread and go over his signature to preserve it. Think that will work?
My girls and the batting practice balls they got! Flea had hers tossed to her and Shrimp really had to work and beat out some boys for hers!!!Here "we" are at A's stadium watching the Giants/A's game!!! The really nice couple in the background were a Giants (him) and Dodger (her) fans! so she was trying to hide his Giants logo so it wouldn't be in my picture!! How cute is that!!!

Blogger is NOT working with me today. But here are two more shots of the helmets!!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Here are some shots from this past week. We hadn't planned on going to Arizona. Honey had to go for work (she plans her classes around spring training.) But then tax money came in and I loaded up the truck with kids and away we went! The girls were so excited, the teenage boy not so much!!We saw five games in four days and bought the kids new helmets (pictures are on the way - I have almost 2000 pictures to process!) The weather was beyond amazing and we all came home suntanned and tired!We even managed to get Tim Lincecums autograph and some cool shots of him. The youngest had a pink journal that she was using for autographs and the other two complained she got so many signatures because everyone wanted to sign her pretty pink book!I have no idea who the people are in these next two shots, but I really like them.
The best story from the whole week was: On our way to a Dodgers/A's game, the youngest daughter say the only autograph she wants is Andre Ethier. We pull into the wrong parking lot and the attendants say the team bus will be here in a bit and sometimes they sign for the kids. So while we were turning around, we notice a man all clad in Dodger blue. The girls think oohh a Dodger and jump out of the car. Yup, Andre Ethier.
And that was so killer. No one wanted to come home, there was so much baseball left to see.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's been a crazy, fun week in Arizona! We head home tomorrow! I took lots and lots of pics! I ran my battery out yesterday! I LOVE ARIZONA!

Monday, March 22, 2010

I Heart Faces Photo Challenge

I am entering this weeks challenge at I Heart Faces!!!
Which is angles!

Picture Update and Mama Guilt Monday

Mama Guilt Mondays

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So, here is mine: My parents had an American Eskimo named Yukon. Yukon was a herder. My dad found a place that allows you to bring your dog to his "ranch" and herd sheep. He went twice. The second time he asked if my daughter would like to go. She was so excited (this was a few years ago) the day of the herding arrived and she decided that would be a great time to start acting up and mouthing off. I told her she needed to behave or she wasn't going. She did not improve her behavior, so I called my dad and told him she couldn't go. (This is hard for me even now...) He understood. I went and it was so amazing. This guy gave a mini clinic on how the whole herding worked and then let you out to work the field. Yukon had so much fun!!! But my Dad never went back. My folks moved to Vegas and Yukon has since crossed the rainbow bridge. I have felt so awful that I didn't let her go.

A cute shot of Buddy! 

I am going to school to process photos today. Honey has left for Arizona for a week for work. The upside is lots of computer time (going to be catching up on follow friday!!!) the downside is I don't handle her being gone very well. I know, I know!! But we are one of those couples that does just about everything together. We are not apart very often. I'm probably going to mope and drink wine!!!! More pictures later today!!!!

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Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Follow

Morning!! This week has been crazy!!! Honey is leaving for Arizona this weekend (for a week) (without me!) Plus friends of ours are on a weeklong cruise to the Gulf of Mexico and we are babysitting, which means another one to get to baseball practice and baseball games and school!
If you are new here to Chez Max, Welcome!! I love to read new blogs! So, Friday is my favorite day of the week!!!!!!!
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Monday, March 15, 2010

My weekend in pictures......Project 365 Days 72, 73, 74

This past weekend was really busy but really fun!!! Friday was slow pitch softball! Honey had two games and it was so cold!!!!! But then Saturday showed up and it was freaking freezing!! Saturday consisted of FIVE softball games and one baseball game! Sunday the family (kids and dogs) went on a five mile hike in the desert and middle son found all kinds of cool things! Bad mom I took pictures of everything but his treasures! Sigh!!!! After a brief nap, Honey and I went to her softball game, which was cancelled so of course, we went to Cold Stones for ice cream! I'm tired! But got up and went to my Turbo Kicking Boxing class, which kicked my butt! I felt like I was slogging through mud!!! And tonight both girls have softball games on two different fields! Lucky us! Is it the weekend yet?

The picture on the top is a camera phone picture. This was about the middle of our softball marathon and youngest son and dog passed out!!!
This tree is on the corner of my street and is in full bloom and beautiful!!!!

Friday softball practice and I was snapping away. Got this beautiful shot! I darkened her and beefed up the sky. I really like it, it is going in my portfolio for my Special Studies class.
The next two shots are camera phone phone shots. Max at Honeys game Friday night, and then Mary at her third softball game of the day. She pitched and actually struck out two batters. (Ok she also hit a batter, but let's not talk about that!!) If you are so inclined, hit the follow me on Twitter button and follow me! I usually Twit my camera phone pictures!
Here we are on the start of our walk! Buddy way up front with youngest daughter (everybody gets a dog!) Peanut is on the far left, then Baby, then Gibbs (the chihuahua), and Max!
Train over pass!
Oh, yeah on Sunday morning (after a Dennys run! Yum!) Honey cut her hair which we are donating to Locks of Love!
Camera phone shot of Honey freezing her tush off at Saturday nights softball games! It was really, really cold!!!!
Last but not least. Buddy the baby of the family. He is terrified of people so we take him out as often as possible. Maybe one day he will enjoy these little outings! He is pretty good at home but take him out..... He is so cute everyone wants to talk to him and he won't have any of it!

Friday, March 12, 2010

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OK here are this weeks pictures! The top one is taken at my home looking down the street. I took the exposure way down to "hide" all the cars parked on the street and to just show the outline of the house at the end of the street.
Next is Peanut hanging out of my truck and looking cute as always!!! If you look really closely you can see my hand in the corner of the shot.
It has been freakin' cold around here! Doesn't this just make one feel all cozy and warm?Here is Bella, the youngest kitty in the house. And the one that no one can get close to because she is soooo skittish. Gotta love a long lens!!
The California Aquaduct runs right through our town, as does the San Andreas Fault. As a matter of fact, to take this shot, I am actually standing on the fault line. There are houses here in beautful Palmdale, that are built about 100 yards back from the street because houses cannot be built on the faultline, just near it!!! I do not live in one of those houses!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

This weekend was a blast!!!!  Alice in Wonderland was awesome!! The girls and I had so much fun. Of course, we miss judged the wait in line. The Twilight movies, if one is not there HOURS ahead of time, one is waiting outside in the cold. We were in line almost three hours before anyone else showed up!!! We each had friends we met at the theatre so I went one way to sit, and the girls each went with a friend someplace else (but I could still see them!) After the movie, Honey and I jumped in the car and took off for Arizona!   The White Sox Opening Day for spring training was friday and we had four rows up, behind home plate tickets!!!! The Dodgers opening day was Saturday. First, let me say that Camelback Ranch is a beautiful place to watch a baseball game. And if one gets there early enough one can watch batting practice and then as the players are heading back to the locker room for the game, they sign autographs and take pictures with fans. It is amazing!!Friday and Saturday the weather was beautiful! Sunny and warm, so great for baseball!! But by Friday night I was wiped and hit the hay early! Saturday night we went to dinner and walked around and pretty much just enjoyed ourselves, being together!!!We had tickets for Sundays game but it was rained out!!! This shot is from the raod on the way home. I liked the lines the raod and clouds created, drawing the eye to the center of the picture. (Blackberry shot!!)
Now to explain my captures!!! The top is of the first poppies in my yard!! My front yard is dirt right now, so I angled up and got the flower and the sky! In the second shot, my friend Sarah really liked the reflection in the sunglasses, so I tried to focus the viewer to that. Manny Ramirez "hitting"! I cannot believe the Dodgers let Pierre go for this guy!!! Third, the clouds from Monday! (I love cloud pictures!!!) My future husband, Eric Gagne is back!!! And I got to watch him pitch one inninng!!! Love him! I hope he has a good season this year!!! And lastly, a shot of Manny's shoes! Yup, we were THAT close to the field!! More pictures to come today that are not part of the project, just of the weekend. I love Arizona!!! Well, I love Arizona in the spring, fall, and winter. The summer not so much!!!! Arizona is so beautiful!! It is so on my list!!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cybil at A Big Pot of Crazy gave me this fabulous award and I (again) have been a bad, bad blogger and have not posted it until now!!!!

Thank you for thinking of me Cybil!! I read your blog every day!! And I love it!!!!

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Tonight is the night!!! Alice in Wonderland is opening and we have tickets for the midnight showing!!! Can't wait!!!

Right after the movie, I mean RIGHT AFTER, Honey and I are heading to Arizona for opening day of Spring Training!!! Go Dodgers!!!! That's right we are going back to Camelback Ranch!! Friday is White Sox and we have seats right behind home plate! And Saturday is DODGERS!! I cannot wait!!!!!! Hopefully, we can sneak in some Greek food while we are there!!! So, see you all Monday!!!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!