Thursday, September 17, 2009

I do knit really I do....

I made this baby jacket for a co-worker of Honey. The pattern can be bought here. It's a really great and easy pattern, the best part NO SEAMING! I hate seaming. I knitted these socks for Honey. Unfortunately, Peanut my puppy, got to them before she could wear them a second time. Ugggghhhhh!
I'm so sad, look how fabulously the pattern matched up!!!
I made this for another co-worker of Honey's. It's a hybrid of two patterns. One of which is here.
I do not know how to link to Ravelry. The other pattern is: Vintage Rocks Baby.
I'm loving all my knitting time. I think I've pretty much finished up everything I had hanging on my needles (or in a baggie!). So, now I am free to start anything I want. Hmmmmmm....

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fire and Song Girls at the (Now Closed for the Year) AV Fair

These two aren't Song Girls but they are so cute, I had to include them!! (See the Station Fire smoke behind them? Yup, dealt with THAT bit of heaven for about a week! More pictures of the smoke below!)
Every year the AV Fair has the area high school bands perform. KHS was the band to close out the fair this year.

I guess I need to include more pics of the actual band! Heehee! Since we are traveling to the Valley for football this Friday night (Alemany High School - my mom's alma mater!!) I will take picures then.
The smoke made the skies black at my house. The fairgrounds are about 15 miles north of my house. Imagine what mi casa was like! Shudders!

All the kids are finally back in school which means knit and crochet time!! Pictures coming soon!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I won!!! Thank you Fiber Fiend!!!!!

The Fiber Fiend had a twitter contest on facebook! So I entered, because I really wanted a copy of Corsica!!!

And guess what? I won! Yup, my number came (in a good way!) and now I have in my hot little hands the Corsica pattern!!!!!

Thank you Fiber Fiend!!!!!!