Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The long, hot summer....

...and it's not over yet. In fact, it just started. Holy Cow!

This child does have her own bed, but apparently the puppies pooped her out!!!

And the they pooped out mom!!!
Just some random cuteness!
This is my precious Princess Peanut!! We think she is going to have bicolored eyes! One really blue and one really grey eye!!
The twins (Pudge and Shadow) and speaking her mind, Peanut.
Honey and the - in his mind only - unloved, Max.
My baby sister, the other new mommy, taught this young man when he was in high school. Maurice Jones-Drew. The stunning young receiver is my nephew.
This is my sister.
My goddaughter and dolly. I made this hat for her sister, but it was wwwaaayyyy to small. Even for a new born head. It was my first attempt at intarsia in the round. Other then size it turned out really cute!!!Their first matching sister dresses!!!These cuties belong to my other sister. (And her hubby!) They live in Seattle. My sisters picked good guys, I wish I got to spend more time with them. I miss having my family around.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Oh good heavens!! They're eating!!!!!

This is my Peanut!! Honey is appalled that a husky is named Peanut, but really, look at her!!!!! Peanut and Gigantor! The only boy.
DD(so named because of the two spots on her back) We are letting the puppies out of their box - developing eyes need to see more then four brown walls!!!!
This would be the only unnamed pup. After her breakfast.
This is Pudge - the twin of no name.
I have heard from my first boyfriend. We have kept in touch over the last 25+ years since high school. He is now married with two (really cute) little girls. Over the course of a couple of catch up emails, he casually mentions fling with friends of mine - have I heard from them, etc., but here's the point, I was unaware of these "flings." I know it's been many years and marriages and kids and blah, blah, blah, but for some reason I am bothered. My friends knew what this boyfriend meant to me, is it ok to go out with friends exes? Why am I bothered now?

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My week

So, on Sunday I went to my Knottyknitters meeting. I had a blast!!! Darcy modeled my bracelet purse. It was so great to get out of the house and knit with these women. I have been in a funk that I cannot pull out of and it was nice just being for a moment.
Monday morning, having been inspired by Leesa, I whipped up these bags for my small knitting projects. I have been using ziplock bags and as Leesa said - I needed to step it up! The pirate bag is from a pattern I got out of a quilt magazine. The drawstring bags, well are drawstring bags. I see many more of these in my future. They are really quick so maybe I can step up my gift bag also. Not just paper bags. This is Spot, aka Gigantor. The puppies are now three weeks old and eyes have open but not focused. They are getting up on their legs and not just scooting. And their teeth are coming in which is making everyone a bit cranky!!! But seriously aren't they cute?
This going to be my next pair of socks. Socks that rock in Christmas Balls and Rockstar. Purchased at Stitches. My plan is two at a time times two. One skein of Christmas and one of Rockstar. When I am done I will have a pair of socks in each. That's the plan.
I have completed one sock for Honey. She requested short socks. Good thing cause with STR yarn calling my name - long socks would have been problematic. Plus I don't think I will ever do one sock at a time again. Too much stress to match patterns and size.
Peanut trying to escape - couldn't muster the strength and took a nap instead!
Dad thought he was missing on all the fun of the puppy box. Baby was glad of the company, for about five minutes.