Thursday, December 30, 2010

I got my camera back.......

Cropped, adjusted color, exposure and contrast. (One day I will have software to do more!!!) 

 Three weeks later, and Sony has returned my now functioning camera to me. Only cost me shipping my poor, broken camera back east to Sony's repair facility. I am horrible at keeping track of my receipts (I know shocker, huh?), anyway, since I bought it at Best Buy, they printed out a copy for me. The Geeks couldn't fix it because I hadn't bought the really expensive extra warranty, but they did give me Sonys phone number to call them. I did, and since the camera was under a year old (and not run over by a ar or anything) they fixed it. The same thing happened with my Rebel. I had had it 11 months when I shipped it to Canon for repairs.

So what to do? Why take a walk and shoot!! I walked durning the only hour it wasn't raining and freaking cold yesterday! I know it looks like it was a clear day, but it wasn't!!!!

I hope everyone has a
safe and wonderful New Year's Eve!!!
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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Playing catch up...Kinda...

We made it through Christmas and the rains. I am getting to ready to start school next week and helping oldest daughter get settled (rearranging rooms and deciding who goes where...) She says she is only going to be here for a few weeks.
Here are some shots from last week. Sadly, I have no pictures of Christmas.

 If you closely in the shot below, you will see the car antenna in the bottom corner. 

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Before and After Thursday.....

Taken with my Rebel, while laying flat on my back as Mater was being pushed on the swing over me!!!!! Have I mentioned that I love my Rebel, it is slowly falling apart? It doesn't auto-focus anymore, it only shoots when it really, really wants to, and is usually in my backpack!!!!

They are all gone!!

I open Blogger this morning to start reading my favorite blogs.....and they are NOT there. Blogger tells me I am not following anybody...WTH?????????? Anybody know how to get them back??? I am soooooo not happy.......

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Black and White Wednesday....

Wordish Wednesday
So I thought yesterday was Wednesday.... I'm just going to o with the same post two days in a row because apparently my mind has left the building...

Winter must be cold for those with no warm memories.
~From the movie An Affair to Remember

Monday, December 20, 2010

Softball Saturday......


It was a wet, rainy, cold, and windy day. I was getting up at the ungodly hour of 5am to drive to Victorville for a softball clinic. For her birthday, we "gave" Shrimp a trip to a softball clinic which was going to have a few college softball players there. Which players you ask? Well, 2010 National Champions from UCLA -  Megan Langenfeld , BB Bates, Destiny Rodino and from the University of Georgia - Brittney Hubbard.

Shrimp did not sleep for two days and told everyone she was going to meet Megan Langenfeld!! We had watched the College World Series this past spring and Megan was amazing and made a big impression!!

The clinic itself was great. Honey and I met Mr. Langenfeld and started talking about our daughters, one thing led to another andwe mentioned that we had teased Shrimp about having to catch Megan. (Shrimp has been catching for about 4 months), he then said, "Well, I could make that happen." Our jaws dropped. Sure enough after the clinic he grabbed Shrimp and Megan and she threw a few pitches! It was awesome! Shrimp did not stop talking all the way home!! When we got home she gave us big hugs and said it was the best birthday present ever. (I think there may have been tears involved on her part!!)

All the girls were so wonderful and signed autographs, took pictures, answered questions, and showed off championship rings!! (Shrimp asked me if those rings worked like the Superbowl ring of Howie in the commercial and got them hotel rooms!! She kills me, that kid!!)

Coming off the semster we had, when Shrimp asked for a bracelet (the girls were wearing them and lucky us they were for sale!!) I told her I would buy her one if she asked Megan what her grades were in high school. (4.2 gpa BTW) Shrimp said, "Well duh Mom. She goes to UCLA!!" (KILLS ME!!)
 Anyway onto the pictures:
Before the clinic started.
BB Bates

Destiny Rodino throwing BP.
Destiny told Shrimp if she swung correctly the ball would fly! HeeHee! Too bad Shrimp has never heard THAT before!!! Megan asked if Shrimp dropped her hands when she swung. When Shrimp said,"Yes." Megan said, " You look like someone who drops their hands!!"

Brittmey could not bring herself to sign on the UCLA shirt Shrimp was wearing. Sh tried but couldn't even touch it!! It was hilarious! She ended up signing Shrimp's Dodger sweatshirt. 
 Megan and Shrimp.
Warming up.


Friday, December 17, 2010

I am at a crossroads........

This week has been a blur. It's finals week for the kids, then they are home for three weeks.  It has not been a good semster for anybody and my house has been in chaos because my children believe I am overreacting to poor grades. I have a migraine that will not go away. I wake up and there it is, mocking me. I take advil and still there. When I finally get to bed, my head feela as though it is going to explode. Two weeks of pain. It's Christmas and this year is a gift card year, my kids are older and only want money anyway. But then I find out my seventh grader still believes in Santa Claus. I don't know what to do. There is no extra money for Santa Claus. I start school January 3rd. I am very nervous because I have math, english lit, speech, health and fitness, and government. Real classes. We are a one income family but really should be a two income family, as I am not qualified for anything. back to school I go. My mom is having knee replacement surgery on January 10th. I will be going out there on weekends to help her out and Honey will be staying with her for the first week to take care of her (and my dad). I thought school was starting later and I was supposed to stay for a month, but now I can't and that is stressing me out. On top of everything else, we have had Mater since Thanksgiving. which is ok, but I had no clue why. Then this week my daughter tells me that Mater's dad is in rehab (for at least six months - yeah. I think something else is going on but I'm just going to go with rehab.....) and his mother is staying with her to help out with his two other kids, but Mater is too much for that bottom line he is now with us for awhile. Migraine went into overdrive. It hits me - I am already registered for school, I am already letting my mom down, I am already at the end of my rope dealing with hormonal teenagers, my truck is still not working which means we are down to one car.....and now.......but look at that face. I know his is safe with us, I know he has a schedule with us (mom works at BJ's and works all hours), I know there is no other option.
I am so overwhelmed.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

WIP Wednesday.....

 Finished and on the way to their new home in Washington!!! The patterns can be found here and here!!!

Shutterfly Christmas Card Giveaway.......

My New Year's resolution has been (for years) this is the year that I document my year and at Christmas time send out photo Christmas cards. And every year I have thousands of pictures and no Christmas cards!! But this year I saw a promotion on a few blogs and I decided to take part. Shutterfly is giving away 50 free (ummmm yup! FREE!) holiday cards if you post about their new card designs this holiday season! They are super cute! There are so many design options and they have cards for all occasions. I am so excited because their program is super user friendly! (I played around for a while designing my card!! Unfortunately, I have more shots of my Sibes then my kids and don't even get me started on the number of shots I have of Mater!! Heehee)

I also found out that Shutterfly has a program called, “Cards for a Cause”. Livestrong is one of those causes. So is the American Lung Association and Heifer International (Click here for more information on Heifer International). Shutterfly has 8 photo cards to choose from and 10% of your purchase will go to the charity you choose. How fabulous is that?

Anyway, I am hoping this year I WILL get cards out. (Late, but better late…..) Thanks Shutterfly!!!

Click on the pictures below and they will take you to the different designs!!

Family Story Christmas Card
View the entire collection of cards.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Palmdale Christmas Parade.....kinda.....

 I do have some shots of the actual parade and I will be posting those soon. But I took almost 600 pictures this weekend and it is taking me some time to process them.
So, I give you what I have so far.....

It was Mater's first parade and he loved the motorcycles the best (but really, who doesn't?)

 Mater and Nana

 One of my Song Girls, I really just want to show off the cardigans we ordered this year. Mine will be here after the first of the year.
 My Song Girls....
Honey's mom and dad, Shrimp, Honey, and Mater.

 Below is my favorite shot of the weekend....

 This shot is because she said I am always shooting them from the back....

 It was a GREAT parade......