Thursday, July 22, 2010

Odds and Ends

I work with the local high school band. Our band director was graduated from USC and marched in their band. Our school is only about seven years old and he started the band program. So, we have Song Girls!

And that is the part of the band program with whom I work. Our Song Girls are very similar to USC's, right down to our uniforms. In the picture above substitiute black for the maroon and KHS for the USC and there you have our uniforms.
Anyway, I mention all of that to explain that we are in the middle of our TWO week band camp. We don't go away to band camp, no we put on our own camp at the high school. The kids are there about eight hours a day (12 hours on Saturday), six days a week for two weeks! So, at the moment that is taking up all my time! I come home and crash!

I did find this really cute picture and actually thought, "What a cute freakin' car!" Yes, it is covered in crocheted granny squares!!!!

See you on the other side of camp!!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekend Recap

The weekend started with flash flooding. We had a storm roll through here that was unbelieveable!! Thunder and lightening with sheets of rain. In a matter of minutes streets were flooding and powerwas out. The wind was so bad, trees were uprooted and powerline toppled. Me? I was under the covers! It lasted about an hour and power for some people was out for two days!

Then Friday, this little guy turned one! Where has the year gone?

The countdown to the new school year has begun. The high schoolers go back 8-9-10! And today is the beginning of a two week band camp. Yea, I know we all hear, "This one time at band camp..."
Tweleve days, ten hours a day... can't wait!!!
Capture this shot durning my run this morning.
Hope everyone has a great week and stays cool!! Today it's only supposed to get to the century mark!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

My running partner and I

Blog the Change

Be the Change for Animals is an interesting concept where bloggers are challenged to take a post and explain what they are doing to help animals – and to inspire others to get involved. That is the whole point of “Be the Change for Animals” – 1 day, once a quarter, set aside for bloggers to talk about their passion for changing animals lives and providing others a chance to help in that cause.

Over here at Chez Max, we are all rescues, well except for Ms. Peanut who was born here!!!


Baby, Peanut, and Max

Baby and Jethro LeRoy Gibbs
(who is so named because since Sibes will invite anyone in for tea, we got a chi to alert them to people who should not be around! At the time we got Gibbs we only had the three Sibes. So, much like NCIS, Gibbs is in charge of three knuckleheads!!!)

Monday, July 12, 2010

A brief recap....with lots of pictures.......

Honey decided I needed a day off. So, we headed to Disneyland.And rode the ferris wheel. Which is really, really, really big. And goes way high up in the air. Scared me to death. Something I am glad I did once and never, ever have to do again!!!!!! I was looking for hidden Mickeys and found two. One is on the Toy Story ride, which is hugely fun.

And I beat Honey!! Took an shot of the win to just to prove it!!! I am (obviously) Player Two!!!!
Did I mention how freakin' tall is the ferris wheel?

The second hidden Mickey!!!
We were in Burbank for a baesball game and afterwards went to Bob's Big Boy for dinner. We walked past a theatre and this is what is playing!!! I love the tagline!!!
The boys are back....and this time they're singing!!!!

Mater came for an overnight visit so, of course I had to take some shots!! He will be one on the 16th!!! I cannot believe I have been a grandma for a whole year!!!! Holy Moly!!!!
Yup, he is walking!!!! Talking, not so much!!! Cute? Absolutely!!!!
Flea and I went to Littlerock Dam for an afternoon. And we had a blast!!! I even climbed a tree and jumped!! The picture below is Flea NOT me! Hahaha!

We had so much fun!!! I think we are going to go back again this week!!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

This is my Shrimp, playing high school ball! Let me repeat that,