Thursday, July 22, 2010

Odds and Ends

I work with the local high school band. Our band director was graduated from USC and marched in their band. Our school is only about seven years old and he started the band program. So, we have Song Girls!

And that is the part of the band program with whom I work. Our Song Girls are very similar to USC's, right down to our uniforms. In the picture above substitiute black for the maroon and KHS for the USC and there you have our uniforms.
Anyway, I mention all of that to explain that we are in the middle of our TWO week band camp. We don't go away to band camp, no we put on our own camp at the high school. The kids are there about eight hours a day (12 hours on Saturday), six days a week for two weeks! So, at the moment that is taking up all my time! I come home and crash!

I did find this really cute picture and actually thought, "What a cute freakin' car!" Yes, it is covered in crocheted granny squares!!!!

See you on the other side of camp!!!!


  1. Haha that car is awesome! just hope it don't rain on it..LOL

  2. My nieces and nephews do Band Camp too. It's A LOT of work but they loved it.


  3. The little car looks so warm and snug. Very cute.

    Have a great time at band camp!

  4. That is a serious band camp! I've never even heard of song girls.


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