Tuesday, February 26, 2008

stitches west

stitches west 003
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We had so much fun! I have not laughed that much in eons!!!! Stitches West itself was OVERWELHMING!! The people, the yarn, the patterns, the stuff!!!!!! Picture is of Casey and Jess, the god and goddess of Ravelry!!!! Seeing the endless Hello my name is.... buttons was cool. And the garments..the things the women had knitted and wore was humbling. So of course I had to buy yarn and a lace shawl pattern. I also bought gorgous, to die for, Socks that Rock yarn - Rockstar and Christmas Balls!!! (Pictures to come!)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

RAVELRY Baby!!!! Stitches West here we come!!!!

With any luck I will have some of this yummyness in my hot little hands tomorrow!!! That's right we are on our way at 4am tomorrow!!!! And my sister is now a ravelry member!! She is not the crazy stashaholic most of us are, but Ravelry could change all of that!!!!!

ok all, off to pack!!!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I have been tagged!!!

Darcy over at Darcys Knotty Knitter has tagged me so here goes!!

4 Jobs I have had:
1: Marineland
2: Criminal Defense Paralegal
3: Legal Secretary
4: Insurance Defence Paralegal - Yuck and double yuck!!!!!

4 Favorite Movies:
1: Hairspray
2: Dirty Dancing
3: Titanic
4: Sixth Sense

4 Places I have lived:
Sadly I have never lived farther then 100 hundred miles from where I grew up in California, that said:

1: Palos Verdes (hometown)
2: Long Beach (college town)
3: Redondo Beach
4: Lovely Palmdale

4 Places I have been:
1: Australia
2: Hell (Grand Cayman Island)
3: Las Vegas
4: Mexico

4 TV shows I watch: (Really, just four?)
1: Big Brother
2: American Idol
3: Survivor
4: Criminal Minds

4 Radio Shows:
Sorry its all itunes all the time now!!

4 favorite foods:
1: Moms enchiladas
2: Linguine with clam sauce
3: Sushi
4: Chocholate

4 places I'd rather be:
1: Anywhere Honey is
2: Beach
3: Mountains
4: Sleeping

That's my list, I guess everyone else has done this - so if you haven't feel free!!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Hello one and All!!!!

Off to the dog park. Of course Max thinks the center is for him and Baby thinks she needs to be there also!! The result is..... Precious knows where her place is sitting on mommy!!! She hates the sweater I made for her! Well, that is until we actually got to the dog park and it was freakin' freezing!!!!!!
Honey and I will be celebrating 5 years of togetherness tomorrow!!! It doesn't seem like five years. We have had our share of battles but mostly we laugh! Our middle daughter actually gave us a lecture because parents weren't supposed to laugh so much!!
I started school this past week, computer graphics. This is my classroom. Those macs are so cool!!! Honey said if I get an "A" she will think about getting a mac for me. (It's a debate because she is a Dell certified tech among her many talents!!!)

Here is Baby and me!! Aren't we pretty? I think I look pretty good for almost 43!!! (Actually, it turns out I am about be to 44!!!! - So I guess I still look pretty good for almost 44!!!)
I had to show this picture, Honey is under the dog, that's her elbow sticking up in the background!! HeeHee!!! Apparently it's Babys world we just get to live in it!!!

We had snow. Well, almost, missed us by about 500 hundred feet. But close enough. Here are some pictures:

Well, that's all for now! It's softball/baseball season, so pictures (lots of 'em) are coming. And I'm going to Stitches West in two weeks!! I cannot wait!!!! Eight of us Knottyknitters are going!! A girls weekend - NO kids - and yarn?!!!! Could life be any better!!!!