Tuesday, February 26, 2008

stitches west

stitches west 003
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We had so much fun! I have not laughed that much in eons!!!! Stitches West itself was OVERWELHMING!! The people, the yarn, the patterns, the stuff!!!!!! Picture is of Casey and Jess, the god and goddess of Ravelry!!!! Seeing the endless Hello my name is.... buttons was cool. And the garments..the things the women had knitted and wore was humbling. So of course I had to buy yarn and a lace shawl pattern. I also bought gorgous, to die for, Socks that Rock yarn - Rockstar and Christmas Balls!!! (Pictures to come!)

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  1. Iam still alive and so happy to read your blog adding yours to my blog friends;)Hugs my friend.Darcy


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