Monday, November 30, 2009

Hollywood Christmas Parade

This parade used to be the Santa Clause Lane parade and was shown on the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend. It was the start of the Christmas season. I went to see this parade live twice. But this was different. We were on the red carpet!! Behind the scenes as it were!! It was pretty freakin' cool!!!
Nicole (the choreographer and fellow advisor) and I decided on Friday they needed scarfs, not just garland, for their routine. O-N-F-R-I-D-A-Y!!!! 30 scarfs needed to cut and sewed! But I did it. I think they looked pretty great!
Shelly Cafe - Million Dollar Baby scenes were filmed here.

This is Nicole, Kenneth (Colorguard advisor and recent KHS graduate), and Marilyn (Drill team advisor)

This woman, I don't know who or what she was doing there, but she had the MOST amazing shoes! I took a picture, but this picture does not so the shoes justice!!!!

Porterville ID unit. We weren't the only band there - we were the opening act and band!!

What would a parade be without the Grinch? And my girlies being goofs!
I love my girls parents! They are awesome!

Ricky, the drum major, and Natalie, Song Girl captain. Yup, they're dating. Aren't they adorable?

The staff! Our director, in the center, is Sean Hamberlin.

Marilyn, Sienna (Colorguard advisor and alum of KHS), Nicole and myself.

Our ID unit.

ummm, Susan Lucci!! Isn't she fabulous? I also got a picture of Dog, the Bounty Hunter and myself, but I got that with my cell phone.

The leaders, Natalie in the center, Jenn, closest, and Jackie, way in the back.

Standing on the red carpet.

The parade is 3 1/2 miles long. And it was lined the whole way with crowds of people!!!! It was so much fun. I am so proud of this band. We are not a traditional band in that we don't do field shows or half time shows. We do parades, but we really do well is perform. We do rock charts, one of our new songs this year is Poker Face. Does that tell you anything aboutour band?
It was a long day! But it was fun. The day started at 9am with a staff breakfast at Denny's, call time for the band was 11am, board buses at 12:30, leave at 1:30pm (loading issues!), fight the traffic in Hollywood and arrive at parade bus unloading area at 3:00pm, be at staging area at 4pm, step off (on the red carpet) at 6pm, march for an hour (playing and dancing the entire time!), board buses at 8pm, staff dinner at Carls and home by 10:30pm.
I hate being old, because today I am sore!!!!
Saturday is USC Trojan walk and game against Arizona!!!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Finally! Pictures!!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! We certainly did. Over the hills and through the desert to grandma's house we went. (It's really nice when grandma lives in Las Vegas!!!) Here is the whole kit and kaboodle!!

The puppies weren't happy they didn't get to go! Such a sad puppy!

We had a great time time with Mater - the most beautiful grandson in the world!!!

Although not when he is chewing on one's finger! Even if it is Nana!!

Bath time!! I have a picture of his mother in a kitchen sink bath! I have got to find it!!

So, this year we went go carting!!! The kids had a great time. It was an hour and a half of any ride, six tokens (we bought them more!) and two pizzas and drinks!! Yea! Pizza was lunch!!

Nana and Mater watching his mommy!!!

His hiphop look!!!

My girls!! Cooking Thanksgiving dinner! Enchiladas, beans, and mexican rice!! Yummy! The best part? Eggs and enchiladas for breakfast the next day!!!

Mater had his first cookie and bites of banana Thursday!!
We had such a great time. Although Honey and three of the kids had to leave Thursday night. Wood bat league and scouts wait for no man!!! And today I have a marathon practice for tomorrow night!!! And a marathon sewing session tonight. We decided the girls need scarfs for the parade - guess who gets to put them together?
Anyway, remember to look for the Hollywood Christmas parade! Pete Knight High School is the lead off! And my girlies are the ones in white with red scarfs!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Travel Day!!

This showed up in my email today. So I thought I'd share it with you!!! (The 51's are the minor league baseball team in Vegas BTW.)

Happy Travel Day!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It's a knitting post!!!

My ITouch needed a home - so I whipped up this!!! I put a pocket in the front for the earbuds and it has a button! There is a little tiny hole in the bottom (no picture!) so I can listen while walking around!

I made this bag for my Blackberry. I knitted around the holster and sewed it on so that the holster stays in place. Now, I grab my keys, throw on my phone and Ipod and I am ready to go!!! I sometimes keep my id and a credit card in my phone bag so no purse carrying!!

A friend liked my phone carrier and asked for a purple one. So, here is hers with my phone in it. I'll get some pictures when I give it to her!!!

This is the first Ipod carrier I made. It was a little too small as was the pocket. Besides, the cat got to it!!!!

I used the anniversary yarn from Solvang for the Blackberry holder and first Ipod carrier. It was store spun and I can't find the label.
I used Simply Soft for the next Ipod carrier. I love Simply Soft. I use it for just everything!!!!
I used Knit Picks sock yarn doubled up (black and a purple colorway) for my friends phone carrier.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Ok now I want one.....

I absolutely love my ITouch. I have a blackberry and I am finding myself touching the screen! WTH?!?
So, now I am hinting for an IPhone!! Honey has a first gen IPhone and she NEEDS to upgrade - but me I just want.
I have resisted because I really like my phones coverage (Sprint) and I hated the touch screen on her phone. I could never type the correct words and couldn't move around the phone easily. But, since I am now working with my ITouch, well, it is soooooo easy.
But, both cars need brakes, we new a mattress, Christmas is coming up, and we have not one but TWO birthdays in December. Oh yea and my washer and dyer died so I need those also.
So, maybe for my birthday in April. Sigh...........

Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Lazy Saturday...

Well, the high school team lost last night. It was a short CIF playoff season for us! But it did make a long evening for me. A two hour drive there (Redondo Beach at rush hour! Yuck!) it was pretty chilly that close to the beach, and then the long drive home! Needless to say, I was pretty pooped this morning.
Even though the softball season is done, apparently the girls still want to play. So, this morning we headed over to the park to "practice."
We then went and bought Star Trek. When we got home, I crashed for a few hours. I'm really wondering what happened to me! Used to be I could go for days on a few hours sleep! Now? Nope! Getting old SUCKS!
Woke up in time to watch the UCLA game.

Anyway, just wanted to say, I loved New Moon! I thought it was sooooo much better then Twilight!!! I can't wait to put NM on my Ipod! (Star Trek is being loaded tonight!! Yea!!!)

No pictures today. But I do have these for today. I flower from Santa Barbara. Max. And Peanut!!!
Tomorrow is wooden bat league!!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

All vampire all the time...

I just discovered True Blood (thanks Netflix!). I finished watching season 1 this morning. And as always, I think the cutest vamp is the bad boy - Eric. Yummy. Seriously. Hotness.
And unlike James, he makes it to season two, I think. I mean Netflix doesn't have season two out yet. But since he didn't die in season 1, I have high hopes for him.
Which brings me to New Moon. That's right, I have tickets for tonight - 12:05am. Honey is less then trilled, but going anyway! She's so great to put up with me!
That's it for today. I have to go take a np now. Because, when we went to see the midnight showing of Harry Potter, I discovered midnight is way past my bedtime. I hate being old!!