Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Lazy Saturday...

Well, the high school team lost last night. It was a short CIF playoff season for us! But it did make a long evening for me. A two hour drive there (Redondo Beach at rush hour! Yuck!) it was pretty chilly that close to the beach, and then the long drive home! Needless to say, I was pretty pooped this morning.
Even though the softball season is done, apparently the girls still want to play. So, this morning we headed over to the park to "practice."
We then went and bought Star Trek. When we got home, I crashed for a few hours. I'm really wondering what happened to me! Used to be I could go for days on a few hours sleep! Now? Nope! Getting old SUCKS!
Woke up in time to watch the UCLA game.

Anyway, just wanted to say, I loved New Moon! I thought it was sooooo much better then Twilight!!! I can't wait to put NM on my Ipod! (Star Trek is being loaded tonight!! Yea!!!)

No pictures today. But I do have these for today. I flower from Santa Barbara. Max. And Peanut!!!
Tomorrow is wooden bat league!!!!


  1. I have to agree...I loved new moon!
    p.s. i loove ur doggie its super cute... i used to have a husky also named sky b/c the color of his eyes. wonderful dogs. Have a great rest of the weekend :)

  2. You have the most adorable pups!


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