Saturday, January 30, 2010

Project 365 Day 29

This is the picture I choose for Project 365.

I love his face in the picture below, but the overall composition is not ok. I cut off the shoes and Max's ears. But his face - wow!

Max just makes it easy to take good photos, doesn't he?

Friday, January 29, 2010

Project 365, Day 28

George, originally uploaded by Max Too.

Fitness Update

Honey and I have now completed four weeks of our 90 day plan!! Have not missed a day all month. Even while she was down with a nasty flu, she did a hour on the treadmill! Really, really slow - but she did it! Better then I would have, because if I got sick - I'm in bed!!! Weigh in is next week, hopefully there will be some weight loss!! The Olympics are almost here!
Which means those of us on Ravelry are gearing up for:Here is how it works: We cast on during the opening ceremony and the goal is to cast off during the closing ceremonies! And we are supposed to do something somewhat challenging!
I still have no idea what pattern to tackle!
Any ideas?

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Project 365, Day 27

Burned Car, originally uploaded by Max Too.

A Softball Story (rant)

(Baby, Peanut, Max)
(Mama, Daughter, Daddy)
If you stick around to the end of this post there is a cute photo of the other two daughters, Crackerjack and Mia!

We have been at our current little league for six years. This season would have been our seventh!. Honey has managed every year and has had winning teams five out out of the six years. This year the board decided Honey couldn't manage a team. We weren't told why just no. Have we done anything? Nope. Oh yes, we were trying to keep softball alive at our league. Six years ago, we had four teams in each division (minor, major, jr/sr), this year there is only ONE team in each division. There is no support for the girls. The board put $10,000. (I kid you not) into the baseball fields and ZERO into the softball field. Then they told the girls they were lucky to have one field.
Way back when we started, we went to our first umpiring clinic (little league is run all on volunteering, so managers umpire and we were there to learn how. Well, I was there to learn how, having never umpired a game in my life. (Which is a very bad memory of my childhood - being told I could not umpire because I was a girl!! Seriously?) Anyway, we showed up and we are the ONLY women there. A year later, Honey and I are certified umpires, two of three female umpires in our district. Now we are the only two female umpires in our district.

I was ok when the board told us the first place team manager, managed the all star team. I was not ok when they gave the team to a baseball coach, then the next year gave it to another coach because they thought Honey was more into umpiring and wouldn't have the time. Are you kidding me?! Not manage the all star team that our daughter is on, really?

During the fall, little leagues have what is known as fall ball. Except that our league there is no softball during the fall, girls must play baseball. Well, unless they goes over to ASA and play softball. Mostly the girls didn't play. This past season, we decided the girls should be able to play and joined up with ASA. We had 25 girls try out for 12 spots. And then went with two teams. The board was pissed we took girls over to ASA and wouldn't let practice on the field that WASN'T be used. Petty I know. Never mind the whole reason we were at ASA was there was no softball at our league. And as much as I believe that the boys and girls games are both just as athletic, at the upper divisions, the two games are so vastly different. Softball is a quicker, shorter game then baseball. I love watching both games. (Can't wait for Arizona this spring!!! Dodgertown!!! Opening Day, Spring Training!! One whole week! Yup, we are pretty much crazy for Dodger baseball around here!!) I have never loved discrimination at anything!!! The girls on our ASA team were all girls from our league and were going back to our league this spring!!! They just have never liked Honey and I. We get emails from "people" all the time about us being a manager and coach and umpires. These "people" didn't know that Honey is (was) the webmaster and read all of their hate emails. She only showed me one and it was so upsetting, she never showed me another one.

So, when she was told no to managing this spring, we decided ok, we will just be parents. Our two girls would still play at our little league. I was so upset. Honey of course, took it all in stride. She always does. I can't, it's the Italian/Mexican in me. Fiery blood I guess! Eventually, I just turned it over to the Big Man upstairs. It was just so unjust and unfair. No reason, just no. We only have two managers for three girl teams but you can't have one. The other manager is a teenager who coached middle daughter last year and she said the coach was more interested in being on her phone then coaching. THAT's who they gave a team too. Holy Moly!! And on top it all off, we have to now tell our girls that Honey didn't get a team. What do we tell them when they ask why? We just shrugged. We put off telling them for a week! Just didn't know what to say. Middle daughter was sooo excited Honey was going to coach her this spring.

Anyway, we got a call last night, and Honey was offered a team over ASA. I was not looking forward to going back to little league and now I don't have to!! Our experience over at ASA was so nice. And now I don't have to deal with our board anymore!!! Yeah!! Happy Day!!

Sorry for another long, rambling post. But I just had to let it out!! I can't yell at the stupid people I need to, but I can type really, really hard!! I feel better. Thank you.

Crackerjack and Mia at their home across town!! We see them all the time!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Disneyland (Image Heavy!!!)

Well, the rain has stopped for a few days so what is a person supposed to do? Head to Disneyland of course!! And California Adventure! It was AWESOME! Not crowded, not too clod, not too hot! Just perfect!
It was our first trip to California Adventure. Disney is doing alot of construction on both parks, but it was still very fun! The Soaring above California was amazing!
Of course, we had sourdough bread bowls (I had clam chowder and Honey had chili!) on the pier!

Can I just tell you, the Tower of Terror is the best ride EVER! I really don't know what I was expecting, but man oh man!!! Scary but not panic inducing! The best of both worlds!

I get so hungry at Disneyland! Ok really who doesn't? I did not succumb to these lovelies, and only had a SMALL cupcake!

I really want to do this somewhere in my house or yard. I just love the bits and pieces!

My Honey in front of the honey! Heehee!

Waterfalls are so cool!

Potato head!!!

The Tower of Terror sign! (obviously!)

Sourdough WILL be the death of me! I love it!

California Adventure boardwalk! Caught someones ball midair! I wouldn't be able to do that again! :)

The Ferris wheel - this is as close as I get! It looks like a lot of fun for other people! And it is beautiful!

In the Bug's Life area the benches are made of Popsicle sticks!

We stayed for the parade and it was soooooooo worth it!! I think it was the best parade I have seen in a long time! It was a celebration/dance theme and it was so much fun! Rather then just move along, it stopped and did its thing for about a half hour and then moved along!!! It got the whole crowd involved and moving!

Plus it was so colorful!

We bought a book on the hidden mickeys and traded pins and giggled because we had no kids with us! I mean we love going with our kids and next week we are taking two! But sometimes it is so fun not to have the kiddies with you, to just enjoy the park at our pace! We use the phrase - all "funed" out!!!

We ended up being all funed out but (surprise) we got over ten thousand steps in and walked over five miles over the day!! Yay us!!! Thanks for sticking with this really picture heavy post!!!

Project 365, Day 25

Dancer, originally uploaded by Max Too.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Project 365, Day 24

While on our Sunday morning walk, we saw these beautiful ears peeking over his backyard fence!!
The American flag on our local fire station fire truck!
Saw this broken bottle with twigs inside and I thought it looked pretty cool!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Project 365, Day 22

I know I'm only supposed to post one, but it's friday and I think on fridays I'm going to do more then one. If I can!!
A single boot left in the desert, black and white really works.
No tresspassing sign with a bullet hole, the rust adds something!
I believe these tires are used for paintball. I loved the colors on them.
And of course, Max.

Three Full Weeks

As of today, we have been at our 90 day plan for three weeks! And have lost a grand total of ZERO pounds! However, we have not gained any either. I'm going to go get Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. Maybe that will help shred some weight!

Honey and second daughter have been in bed with a throat/ear/fever thing all week. And now my youngest is coming down with the same thing.

After four days of solid rain, and some snow, I am finally seeing some sun!!!! But that is not to supposed to last very long. They are more saying rain for today and tomorrow. Sheesh!!
Yesterday, Peanut and I were watching the Thundering Herd on their walk.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Project 365 Day 21

Runoff at Walmart 2, originally uploaded by Max Too.

Rain, Snow, Rain Welcome to SoCal

What a wild week of weather we have had here in California! Yesterday it snowed for about a half an hour! The kids had a blast and were making plans for a snow day! Because yes, this amount of snow would close the schools!!!

But then, it stopped snowing, the weather gods took a breath, and it started to rain again! Which melted all the snow!!

My dad wants a hat and he asked if I would make him one. He told me what he wanted and I think it is this:

(Picture from Perlz Beads and Yarns)

Elizabeth Zimmerman's Maltese Fisherman's Hat from the Knitters Almanac. Which Honey ordered for me TWO WEEKS ago! She received an email saying it was shipped the same day and I have not yet received it!!! The FIVE other books she ordered the same day have been here for ever!!

I have the yarn and needles (which I had to buy because although I have a ton of needles, I did not have size 10.5 circular) ready to go!!

So, I have time to work on my lapghans for KnittinWolf and her contest! Please head over and check it out!!!

Anyway, more rain for today! So, movies and knitting are on tap for today! And the treadmill!