Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Disneyland (Image Heavy!!!)

Well, the rain has stopped for a few days so what is a person supposed to do? Head to Disneyland of course!! And California Adventure! It was AWESOME! Not crowded, not too clod, not too hot! Just perfect!
It was our first trip to California Adventure. Disney is doing alot of construction on both parks, but it was still very fun! The Soaring above California was amazing!
Of course, we had sourdough bread bowls (I had clam chowder and Honey had chili!) on the pier!

Can I just tell you, the Tower of Terror is the best ride EVER! I really don't know what I was expecting, but man oh man!!! Scary but not panic inducing! The best of both worlds!

I get so hungry at Disneyland! Ok really who doesn't? I did not succumb to these lovelies, and only had a SMALL cupcake!

I really want to do this somewhere in my house or yard. I just love the bits and pieces!

My Honey in front of the honey! Heehee!

Waterfalls are so cool!

Potato head!!!

The Tower of Terror sign! (obviously!)

Sourdough WILL be the death of me! I love it!

California Adventure boardwalk! Caught someones ball midair! I wouldn't be able to do that again! :)

The Ferris wheel - this is as close as I get! It looks like a lot of fun for other people! And it is beautiful!

In the Bug's Life area the benches are made of Popsicle sticks!

We stayed for the parade and it was soooooooo worth it!! I think it was the best parade I have seen in a long time! It was a celebration/dance theme and it was so much fun! Rather then just move along, it stopped and did its thing for about a half hour and then moved along!!! It got the whole crowd involved and moving!

Plus it was so colorful!

We bought a book on the hidden mickeys and traded pins and giggled because we had no kids with us! I mean we love going with our kids and next week we are taking two! But sometimes it is so fun not to have the kiddies with you, to just enjoy the park at our pace! We use the phrase - all "funed" out!!!

We ended up being all funed out but (surprise) we got over ten thousand steps in and walked over five miles over the day!! Yay us!!! Thanks for sticking with this really picture heavy post!!!

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