Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Ok, so I was supposed to pass on my award and I failed to do so! Without further ado, the bloggers that while they may not be new to me (although some are new to me), I love reading!!

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Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday Musings and an Award!!!

Here are the responsibilities that come along with the award:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award. Thanks Dawn (aka KnittinWolf!)

2. List 7 things about yourself....oh Lordy!!!!

3. Pass on the award to bloggers you've recently discovered.

Seven Things about me!
1. I am a Taurus!! In every definition of the word!
2. I love fall! So, why I live in the desert is beyond me! But it is starting to cool off here and I am in heaven!
3. I have two brothers and two sisters and I am the eldest!
4. I am afraid of heights and rollercoasters!
5. I totally want to be an artist but I can't draw to save my life! So, I take pictures instead!
6. My favorite color is anything bright!
7. My phone is never more then two inches from my hand and yet I NEVER answer when someone calls me!

Friday night Honey and I took Shrimp and her friend (and teammate) Cow to the fair. That really is her nickname. Apparently, she earned her name last year - the softball team thought she ate like a cow and the name stuck! I kid you not!

I didn't see fried butter, and I looked! But I did see this! Chocolate covered bacon!! Now I love those both but I do not think I could ever eat them AT THE SAME TIME!
My sister is an high school english teacher and so I look for these kind of things! But really people?

Then I saw these pictures. They were so cool. Wish I bought one. Well, maybe next time.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday blogging!!!!

My babies.
 Buddy, Baby, Penut, and Max.
They are a good looking bunch! Escpecially since I am holding treats in my hand!! Hahaha!

Wanted to show you all my newest cell phone holder. The yarn is a bamboo and it is so soft.

 This holds my cell, my camera, and cards!! I love it! It"s my new favorite. That is until I make a new one!!!
The interent is pretty hit and miss right now. I have a lovely award (from my friend Knittinwolf) to show you all, and pictures from Dierks Bentely and the fair from last night. Plus, more Sibe shots. And coming soon, I think kitten shots. Yup, one of the cats escaped and I think had herself big fun!!!! Oh joy!
I hope everyone has a great week and if I can get Blogger mobile working, I'll blog from my phone!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Just Another Tuesday......

Peanut and Baby (Peanut's Momma) just chillin' in the house because it is freaking HOT outside. And it is supposed to be 110 today. I went for my run this morning (at 5:30am) and it was already warm. I don't think it ever really cooled down last night.
Max (Peanut's Daddy), Peanut and Baby. The tail belongs to Buddy.

This has been the summer of knitting/crocheting cell phone holders. I make them with two pockets, one for the phone and one for my camera or iTouch. I made one yesterday (pictures coming) that had a third little pocket to carry my id and some money.

The one below I made for my daughter.
 I am also working on a pair of socks. This is as far as I've gotten.
The yarn is from Knit Picks, Fireman I believe.

 Last night, ZZ Top was at the AV Fair. Rolls-Royce front and VW back. It was pretty cool looking. I kinda wonder what it looks like with the top up on the front part.

 The tour busses.
 And the Boys from Texas.
 I had so much fun. I had to go by myself because Honey had softball practice. But whatever. It so brought me back to the 80's!!!
 I remember those videos. That red car, the keychain, the bobbysocks with high heels (really people? Why? And thank heavens there are no pictures with that hot mess going on!!!)
 It was fun hearing some blues, some oldies, seeing the boys "dance"!! It was not fun being reminded how freaking old I am!!!

 Have I mentioned I have a new camera? I lost the Nikon and so Honey and I bought a Sony Cyber-Shot. (I'm saving for a Canon T2) But this little point and shoot takes pretty good pictures.

 I know, I took almost this exact same picture, but I love the ferris wheel!!!! And last night there was a fire off the 5 fwy and the smoke was making a pretty cool background. I promise no more ferris wheels after this.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Weird Al at the fair....

No fried butter here! And I looked, not that I would actually have some, but I wanted the cool shot of the booth.We saw Weird Al Yankovic at the fair on Saturday night. It was surprisingly fun. The only thing I did not like was he didn't talk to the audience at all. Not once, nothing. I go to a concert to have some kind of interaction with whomever I am seeing. I mean, I can buy his songs on iTunes.(Sorry for the fuzzy shot!)

That being said, it was a cool concert. Tonight we are seeing ZZ Top and later on this week Dierks Bently.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Catching Up....

It's time to get back to regular blogging!!! DD#2 has been a freshman for two weeks now and she is really enjoying school. She went to her first high school party this past weekend (a Sweet 16 party for one of her teammates! And her parents were there!!) This is Chuck and Sandy, our section mates at Jethawk stadium. Darlene is another one of our friends in Section 103!!!

The softball team!! These girls are amazing! We took them to a Jethawks game and they met KaBoom!
This weekend our local county fair opened. Saturday was the parade for the fair. A tradition has been started where the eight high school bands all march as one block. Separately, they each learn the march and colorguard routine. We are the only high school in the area with drill team and song girls, so we are on our own! These are some of my Song Girls. This year we have a jv and a varsity team, thus the two different uniforms.
This is the colorguard.
Part of our drill team. Their uniforms have not come in yet.
Our twirlers
The Song Girls and Jeanell, our advisor and choreographer!!!
The drill team, with their advisor and choreographer, Ms. Soto. And DS#3, who is a member of the colorguard squad.

The eight drum majors of the area high schools. Knight High School, Quartz Hill High School, Lancaster High School, Antelope Valley High School, Eastside High School, Palmdale High School,  Highland High School, and Littlerock High School.
Part of the staff, Ms Jeanell, Ms Soto, Ms. Sienna, Mr. Santos!!!
Yup, a green horse!