Monday, August 23, 2010

Catching Up....

It's time to get back to regular blogging!!! DD#2 has been a freshman for two weeks now and she is really enjoying school. She went to her first high school party this past weekend (a Sweet 16 party for one of her teammates! And her parents were there!!) This is Chuck and Sandy, our section mates at Jethawk stadium. Darlene is another one of our friends in Section 103!!!

The softball team!! These girls are amazing! We took them to a Jethawks game and they met KaBoom!
This weekend our local county fair opened. Saturday was the parade for the fair. A tradition has been started where the eight high school bands all march as one block. Separately, they each learn the march and colorguard routine. We are the only high school in the area with drill team and song girls, so we are on our own! These are some of my Song Girls. This year we have a jv and a varsity team, thus the two different uniforms.
This is the colorguard.
Part of our drill team. Their uniforms have not come in yet.
Our twirlers
The Song Girls and Jeanell, our advisor and choreographer!!!
The drill team, with their advisor and choreographer, Ms. Soto. And DS#3, who is a member of the colorguard squad.

The eight drum majors of the area high schools. Knight High School, Quartz Hill High School, Lancaster High School, Antelope Valley High School, Eastside High School, Palmdale High School,  Highland High School, and Littlerock High School.
Part of the staff, Ms Jeanell, Ms Soto, Ms. Sienna, Mr. Santos!!!
Yup, a green horse!


  1. Loving all the school spirit! So nice to hear from you!! :)

  2. Ha! Wow! So many people in your groups! You must have a big school.

  3. Awesome post....that's just wrong the green horse!:( lol

    Saturday the 28th my house, 1:00 Hope you can make it!:) I'll have to have James dig out more photos!

  4. Hey, welcome back to the world of blogging!

    Wow, all the pics are great! Makes me want to go back to High School....ok, maybe not ;-)

    You have some awesome team spirit!

  5. Brings back memories from my high school years. Brother was in the band, friends in the flag corps, drill team and twirlers?
    I was the best supporting cast member you could have - I cheered them all on.
    Visiting from SITS

  6. I feel very caught up :-) Such school spirit, I cannot think when I have seen that much support!!!

    After having just seen Wicked this past weekend I had to giggle at the green horse...


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