Monday, January 31, 2011

If it walks like a duck....

We took Mater to Apollo Park Saturday.  Then it was lunch with Nona and Nana. 

 Above is my heart, Mater. And below is my heart and soul, Honey.
 One final shot of the day, and then I am off to take the first of THREE tests this week! Yup, three tests and two papers!! One paper is done and I will finish paper two tonight!! Love college!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday....

Wordish Wednesday

I love the time Honey and I spend together walking the dogs. We talk and talk and talk. Sometimes we hold hands. Mostly we get our ten thousand steps in for the day and our dogs get some much needed time out! There used to be so much more desert by us, however we still find places for the dogs to go so that they sniff and think they are going to chase birds and rabbits. (Being that they are Sibes, they are never off leash.)

Took this shot last week on my walk home from drill team practice. It is the high school lights and the moon was amazing!!! I took it with my phone, crazy huh? School has me hopping and although I have my camera with me at all times, it has not seen the light of day and I don't even think the batteries are charged at this point. I must get into a better routine and schedule time for shooting, homework and blogging! I feel lost not reading or posting!

My mom had her stitches removed on Monday and she is making amazing progress! As soon as she learns to trust her knee there will be no stopping her! Honey and I went back to Vegas this past weekend to do some grocery shopping and odd errands for Mom and Dad. We also spent some time downtown (we haven't done that in forever!!) We were still home by 9pm!! But we had a fabulous buffet dinner at the 4 Queens, yummy!!! A little on the pricy side but we had no kids and Honey has a magic lap band card, so she gets buffets at kids prices!! Bonus!!! I remember what song was playing here, I think it was Jefferson Airplane (or Starship or whatever they are now....) later we watched the show for American Pie. By then my phone was almost dead, so no shots!!!

We are going back to Vegas in a couple of weeks but first we have Super Bowl and UAV softball coming up!!!  Speaking of softball, Shrimp made the JV softball team!!! And she is starting catcher!!! We are so proud of her!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Professional Umpire School.....

See the young man looking intently at what we can only assume is the class instructor? That young man is our eldest son! He is attending Jim Evans Academy of Professional Umpiring. Yeah Andy!!! Now we are praying that he gets picked up for Spring Training. Just like the ball players, umpires start at the bottom and work their way up to the big leagues. Honey and I are so proud of him!!!!Linda's Lunacy


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My mom is getting better....

But I am still going back out to Vegas this weekend. By myself because leaving the kids alone two weekends in a row means I probably wouldn't come back to a house that is still standing.
Which means renting a car, because I am still down a car. It means missing my Honey, she will stay home with the kidlets. Missing another baseball game of senior son. And although I love my dad, sometimes he can be a bit difficult (a trait he and I share), and I really dont have the money for another weekend away. Mom, however, needs help so off I go.
Oh and I have my first test Monday. Yippeee....

Thursday, January 13, 2011

My newest FO.......

This is my favorite scarf EVER!! I created it out of two patterns, Cables & Cloumns, from Ravelry and another hood pattern from Ravelry that for the life of me I cannot find!!! Then I lined the entire scarf with fleece and OMHeavens!!! It is warm and soft and fabulous!!! (The hood looks orange in the last shot but it is really red!!)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I'm still here....

I'm here and I have some really wonderful photos to share with you but....apparently I have run out of storage and google wants me to BUY more storage. Well, I caved but it will take twenty four hours for me to be able to use it. So, hopefully, I can resume regular posting tomorrow.

In other news...what do you all think of my new design? The fabulous Jacqui over at Wacky Jacqui's Designs did all of this!!  I love it!!! And when I get into a better rhythm at school (which I am loving but it is kicking my butt) I will finish all the fabulousness she started!! You know, put pictures and info up of my family and my dogs! 

My mom had knee replacement surgery yesterday. I spoke to my dad a few times and he said she is doing well, not in too much pain. I asked if she had her cell phone, her Nook, a book? He said no to the cell because they left it at home. She didn't bring the Nook because the hospital said not to bring anything expensive. She brought a book, but they forgot it in the car. I said well at least she will get a good nights sleep! Please keep them in your thoughts for a speedy recovery!

Monday, January 3, 2011


We finally got snow! Roads are blocked, Honey couldn't get to work, and kids couldn't go back to school. It was Mater's first snow and he loves it!
This is the view from my front door. 
The last rose just hanging on by a thread. 
Some of my garden decortations covered in snow. 
 Aren't the bare trees fabulous!?!