Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My mom is getting better....

But I am still going back out to Vegas this weekend. By myself because leaving the kids alone two weekends in a row means I probably wouldn't come back to a house that is still standing.
Which means renting a car, because I am still down a car. It means missing my Honey, she will stay home with the kidlets. Missing another baseball game of senior son. And although I love my dad, sometimes he can be a bit difficult (a trait he and I share), and I really dont have the money for another weekend away. Mom, however, needs help so off I go.
Oh and I have my first test Monday. Yippeee....


  1. You're a good daughter. I hope your weekend goes as well as it can!! :)

  2. I'm glad to hear she is feeling better. You have a safe trip!

  3. So sorry I missed this original post regarding your Mom! I hope your weekend goes well (as can be expected) and trust that you are doing the right thing!


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