Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Beach Boys at the fair

The Beach Boys were amazing last night! Jenn and I had fun dancing. As a side note, I don't understand how anybody could have remained in their seats. I hear its a So Cal thing, but since I have not been to concert any place else I really couldn't say.

Mike Love had us all pull out our cells phones for Surfer Girl.

This guy was pretty "cute" with his husky!

Again, all the AV Queens did their thing up on the stage.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekend roundup!

The AV Fair opened this weekend!!! Honey and I went to see David Cook on Thursday. I didn't bring the camera so no pictures! What's up with THAT!?! He was pretty good!
Saturday, I filled in for a friend and ushered at War/Tower of Power concert.

Yup all of the AV Queens were invited up on stage with WAR.

It was fun ushering and then dancing!!!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Two down, three to go!!!!

Summer is officially over for the two high schoolers! Although today is only a half day, so I don't think it will be a tough day.

These lovely ladies are my song girls. I took this during band camp.

Mater was on his way to meet greatgrandpa and greatgrandma on Hooney's side!! Her mom and dad!

Showing off more Mater pictures! We are getting a bit carried away! But oh well!

I really do get to hold him!

So here is the whole kit and kaboodle at the Tar Pits. It's really a cool place - wish we went sooner. You know, the whole we've lived here our whole lives and we have never been to...(insert your own place here)

Dig 23 - actual work being done today. The place was amazing.


Our first stop on the way to Vegas is always in Baker and either Bob's Big Boy or The Mad Greek. Today was Bob's.

Mater threw his first tantrum in the car. Honey said no pulling over - so after he stopped crying (and his mother and I stopped crying, shrugs) we got to go to the Nike outlet to shop!

Then on to meet Bisnona (greatgrandma in Italian)

...and Bispoppa!!

I had forgotten how tiring it is to travel with an infant. But this is how I felt!!!

It was a great weekend. And now for my last two weeks of vacation, I think I am gonna try to get the garage cleaned out! Wish me luck! Pictures tomorrow on how bad it really is in there!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Summer, summer, summer....

Summer is quickly coming to an end! Next week high school starts, two weeks later college, and two weeks after that the final two go back. It's been an amazing summer!!!!!

This week is going to be busy. Honey's sister and her two girls are visiting from Texas. So tonight we are going to the Dodger game. Thursday is Drytown and Friday we are heading back to Vegas for the weekend. We are taking Mater and his mother to visit my parents, Mater is named after my dad.

Sunday we picked up Julie and the girls from Union station - after a long train ride all they wanted was a churro. So across the street we wentto visit Olvera Street. After that we went to the La Brea Tar Pits. which was AWESOME! Then a lunch stop at UCLA. Finally a softball game, where we got clobbered.

Can't wait for the game tonight! Should be fun.

Nana and Mater wearing Dodger outfits!!!! Go Dodgers!!