Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I'm still here....

I'm here and I have some really wonderful photos to share with you but....apparently I have run out of storage and google wants me to BUY more storage. Well, I caved but it will take twenty four hours for me to be able to use it. So, hopefully, I can resume regular posting tomorrow.

In other news...what do you all think of my new design? The fabulous Jacqui over at Wacky Jacqui's Designs did all of this!!  I love it!!! And when I get into a better rhythm at school (which I am loving but it is kicking my butt) I will finish all the fabulousness she started!! You know, put pictures and info up of my family and my dogs! 

My mom had knee replacement surgery yesterday. I spoke to my dad a few times and he said she is doing well, not in too much pain. I asked if she had her cell phone, her Nook, a book? He said no to the cell because they left it at home. She didn't bring the Nook because the hospital said not to bring anything expensive. She brought a book, but they forgot it in the car. I said well at least she will get a good nights sleep! Please keep them in your thoughts for a speedy recovery!


  1. Love the new design! Hope your mother is up and around soon, too. Email me and give me the run-down on this blog design thing.

    Happy knitting!

  2. ♥ the new design... Is it me or when you are looking at the center of the page the outside edges remind me of 'Max's' eyes?!?!?!


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