Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rain, Snow, Rain Welcome to SoCal

What a wild week of weather we have had here in California! Yesterday it snowed for about a half an hour! The kids had a blast and were making plans for a snow day! Because yes, this amount of snow would close the schools!!!

But then, it stopped snowing, the weather gods took a breath, and it started to rain again! Which melted all the snow!!

My dad wants a hat and he asked if I would make him one. He told me what he wanted and I think it is this:

(Picture from Perlz Beads and Yarns)

Elizabeth Zimmerman's Maltese Fisherman's Hat from the Knitters Almanac. Which Honey ordered for me TWO WEEKS ago! She received an email saying it was shipped the same day and I have not yet received it!!! The FIVE other books she ordered the same day have been here for ever!!

I have the yarn and needles (which I had to buy because although I have a ton of needles, I did not have size 10.5 circular) ready to go!!

So, I have time to work on my lapghans for KnittinWolf and her contest! Please head over and check it out!!!

Anyway, more rain for today! So, movies and knitting are on tap for today! And the treadmill!

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