Saturday, November 28, 2009

Finally! Pictures!!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! We certainly did. Over the hills and through the desert to grandma's house we went. (It's really nice when grandma lives in Las Vegas!!!) Here is the whole kit and kaboodle!!

The puppies weren't happy they didn't get to go! Such a sad puppy!

We had a great time time with Mater - the most beautiful grandson in the world!!!

Although not when he is chewing on one's finger! Even if it is Nana!!

Bath time!! I have a picture of his mother in a kitchen sink bath! I have got to find it!!

So, this year we went go carting!!! The kids had a great time. It was an hour and a half of any ride, six tokens (we bought them more!) and two pizzas and drinks!! Yea! Pizza was lunch!!

Nana and Mater watching his mommy!!!

His hiphop look!!!

My girls!! Cooking Thanksgiving dinner! Enchiladas, beans, and mexican rice!! Yummy! The best part? Eggs and enchiladas for breakfast the next day!!!

Mater had his first cookie and bites of banana Thursday!!
We had such a great time. Although Honey and three of the kids had to leave Thursday night. Wood bat league and scouts wait for no man!!! And today I have a marathon practice for tomorrow night!!! And a marathon sewing session tonight. We decided the girls need scarfs for the parade - guess who gets to put them together?
Anyway, remember to look for the Hollywood Christmas parade! Pete Knight High School is the lead off! And my girlies are the ones in white with red scarfs!!


  1. My husband's parents live in Vegas too! Although it is great to visit, I don't know how people can live there.

  2. Looks like a great time. We're coming to your place next thanksgiving! Have a wonderful weekend. Love the sink pics!


  3. What a fabulous time you can adopt me into the family!:) Love Mater in the sink...those pics are priceless. He's got such beautiful eyes! Such a cutie pie!


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