Monday, November 23, 2009

Ok now I want one.....

I absolutely love my ITouch. I have a blackberry and I am finding myself touching the screen! WTH?!?
So, now I am hinting for an IPhone!! Honey has a first gen IPhone and she NEEDS to upgrade - but me I just want.
I have resisted because I really like my phones coverage (Sprint) and I hated the touch screen on her phone. I could never type the correct words and couldn't move around the phone easily. But, since I am now working with my ITouch, well, it is soooooo easy.
But, both cars need brakes, we new a mattress, Christmas is coming up, and we have not one but TWO birthdays in December. Oh yea and my washer and dyer died so I need those also.
So, maybe for my birthday in April. Sigh...........


  1. Based on where I live, it would just be an iBrick for me since AT&T has virtually no coverage here. And literally no reception at my house. I wish for the European model - buy the phone and then use it on any network by buying the network in a separate deal. Sigh.

  2. Ohhhh I sooooo covet thee iTouch and iPhone. Like you I have Sprint... Why can't Sprint get in with this awesome gadget?!!!!

  3. Don't you hate all those "Needs" that pop up when you really WANT something? Good luck with all of your expenses!

  4. My husband wants to Droid. He's been hinting - like big ones - for the past few weeks.

    Sorry, honey, it ain't happenin' this year.

    Good luck~


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