Monday, December 20, 2010

Softball Saturday......


It was a wet, rainy, cold, and windy day. I was getting up at the ungodly hour of 5am to drive to Victorville for a softball clinic. For her birthday, we "gave" Shrimp a trip to a softball clinic which was going to have a few college softball players there. Which players you ask? Well, 2010 National Champions from UCLA -  Megan Langenfeld , BB Bates, Destiny Rodino and from the University of Georgia - Brittney Hubbard.

Shrimp did not sleep for two days and told everyone she was going to meet Megan Langenfeld!! We had watched the College World Series this past spring and Megan was amazing and made a big impression!!

The clinic itself was great. Honey and I met Mr. Langenfeld and started talking about our daughters, one thing led to another andwe mentioned that we had teased Shrimp about having to catch Megan. (Shrimp has been catching for about 4 months), he then said, "Well, I could make that happen." Our jaws dropped. Sure enough after the clinic he grabbed Shrimp and Megan and she threw a few pitches! It was awesome! Shrimp did not stop talking all the way home!! When we got home she gave us big hugs and said it was the best birthday present ever. (I think there may have been tears involved on her part!!)

All the girls were so wonderful and signed autographs, took pictures, answered questions, and showed off championship rings!! (Shrimp asked me if those rings worked like the Superbowl ring of Howie in the commercial and got them hotel rooms!! She kills me, that kid!!)

Coming off the semster we had, when Shrimp asked for a bracelet (the girls were wearing them and lucky us they were for sale!!) I told her I would buy her one if she asked Megan what her grades were in high school. (4.2 gpa BTW) Shrimp said, "Well duh Mom. She goes to UCLA!!" (KILLS ME!!)
 Anyway onto the pictures:
Before the clinic started.
BB Bates

Destiny Rodino throwing BP.
Destiny told Shrimp if she swung correctly the ball would fly! HeeHee! Too bad Shrimp has never heard THAT before!!! Megan asked if Shrimp dropped her hands when she swung. When Shrimp said,"Yes." Megan said, " You look like someone who drops their hands!!"

Brittmey could not bring herself to sign on the UCLA shirt Shrimp was wearing. Sh tried but couldn't even touch it!! It was hilarious! She ended up signing Shrimp's Dodger sweatshirt. 
 Megan and Shrimp.
Warming up.



  1. Sounds like a terrific experience. Excellent that these role models took some time out of their schedules to give back. My bet is Megan's answer about grades sunk in more than you think.

  2. What a great day! So glad that things are improving, and I like how you slipped in that "ask her about her grades" comment to underscore your previous point about this semester's grades! Nicely done!


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