Monday, June 9, 2008

Oh good heavens!! They're eating!!!!!

This is my Peanut!! Honey is appalled that a husky is named Peanut, but really, look at her!!!!! Peanut and Gigantor! The only boy.
DD(so named because of the two spots on her back) We are letting the puppies out of their box - developing eyes need to see more then four brown walls!!!!
This would be the only unnamed pup. After her breakfast.
This is Pudge - the twin of no name.
I have heard from my first boyfriend. We have kept in touch over the last 25+ years since high school. He is now married with two (really cute) little girls. Over the course of a couple of catch up emails, he casually mentions fling with friends of mine - have I heard from them, etc., but here's the point, I was unaware of these "flings." I know it's been many years and marriages and kids and blah, blah, blah, but for some reason I am bothered. My friends knew what this boyfriend meant to me, is it ok to go out with friends exes? Why am I bothered now?


  1. Wow, they're getting sooooo big! Look at those paws! So snuggly!

  2. No name looks like a grumperina what do ya think? well my opinion is your ex should have respected you enough not to ever have flings with your friends it is a unspoken rule. dontcha know;)Hugs Darcy

  3. love your bags, good job


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