Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My week

So, on Sunday I went to my Knottyknitters meeting. I had a blast!!! Darcy modeled my bracelet purse. It was so great to get out of the house and knit with these women. I have been in a funk that I cannot pull out of and it was nice just being for a moment.
Monday morning, having been inspired by Leesa, I whipped up these bags for my small knitting projects. I have been using ziplock bags and as Leesa said - I needed to step it up! The pirate bag is from a pattern I got out of a quilt magazine. The drawstring bags, well are drawstring bags. I see many more of these in my future. They are really quick so maybe I can step up my gift bag also. Not just paper bags. This is Spot, aka Gigantor. The puppies are now three weeks old and eyes have open but not focused. They are getting up on their legs and not just scooting. And their teeth are coming in which is making everyone a bit cranky!!! But seriously aren't they cute?
This going to be my next pair of socks. Socks that rock in Christmas Balls and Rockstar. Purchased at Stitches. My plan is two at a time times two. One skein of Christmas and one of Rockstar. When I am done I will have a pair of socks in each. That's the plan.
I have completed one sock for Honey. She requested short socks. Good thing cause with STR yarn calling my name - long socks would have been problematic. Plus I don't think I will ever do one sock at a time again. Too much stress to match patterns and size.
Peanut trying to escape - couldn't muster the strength and took a nap instead!
Dad thought he was missing on all the fun of the puppy box. Baby was glad of the company, for about five minutes.



  1. One of these days I'll actually get to meet ya! When I'm there you're not! Love the STR, I haven't knit with that yet. Love the project bags! Leesa could have made them for ya!:) Every time I see the puppy pics a loud OOh comes out...what sweet, sweet babies!

  2. You took the word outta my mouth. Your puppies are so freakin adorable. Hope you enjoy Guitar Hero and Rockstar!

  3. Eek I have a double chin!!!!lol
    I love chris's sock very nice.You should make more skully bags and totally sell them to the ladies in our group;)I love the kitties bag to.The socks that rock yarn yummers!!!!Huggers to everyone at your house love the squishy puppies:)we are getting together this saturday at Carl's junior on s and 25th at 11am come join us for knit in public day Darcy


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