Thursday, September 17, 2009

I do knit really I do....

I made this baby jacket for a co-worker of Honey. The pattern can be bought here. It's a really great and easy pattern, the best part NO SEAMING! I hate seaming. I knitted these socks for Honey. Unfortunately, Peanut my puppy, got to them before she could wear them a second time. Ugggghhhhh!
I'm so sad, look how fabulously the pattern matched up!!!
I made this for another co-worker of Honey's. It's a hybrid of two patterns. One of which is here.
I do not know how to link to Ravelry. The other pattern is: Vintage Rocks Baby.
I'm loving all my knitting time. I think I've pretty much finished up everything I had hanging on my needles (or in a baggie!). So, now I am free to start anything I want. Hmmmmmm....

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