Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The new helmets and stuff......

The man who did this got the logo perfectly!!! The back has his number (3) on the back!We call her Flea! The artist did a flea bouncing all over her helmet! Perfect. The only problem is her head is so small, we are having a hard time finding a mask that fits and she can't wear the helmet in a game without the mask!!!Shrimp is her nickname! And there is the LA logo on the front with her number (6) on the back!Mike Scioscia signed the batting practice ball and my LA jacket!! Honey said I can't wear the jacket anymore. But I was thinking I might take some emboridery thread and go over his signature to preserve it. Think that will work?
My girls and the batting practice balls they got! Flea had hers tossed to her and Shrimp really had to work and beat out some boys for hers!!!Here "we" are at A's stadium watching the Giants/A's game!!! The really nice couple in the background were a Giants (him) and Dodger (her) fans! so she was trying to hide his Giants logo so it wouldn't be in my picture!! How cute is that!!!

Blogger is NOT working with me today. But here are two more shots of the helmets!!!

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