Monday, April 5, 2010

Mckmama over at My Charming Kids is hosting "Not Me" Monday!
Ok, so here is my story:
Picture this: I tell my kids to empty out my truck for the trip to Arizona. As we were loading up for the trip, I noticed that they had left Max's backpack in the back. So, I hand it to Shimp and ask her to put it in the house. And it was not me that was a little irritated and made some snide comment about maybe doing a better job next time.
It was also not me that upon entering Arizona and stopping for gas noticing there were only three suitcases and MAX'S BACKPACK in the back. It turns out that my son packed his clothes in a black backpack (just like Max's) and so, it was not me that doomed said son to no clothes or anything for a whole week in Arizona.
And it was not me and Honey who giggled ourselves silly over his plight that night!
(I did get him replacement clothes and toothbrush!! He had pj's because that's how we roll - leave at 4am, you get to wear your pj's in the car!!)

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