Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Womens Football

Yeah that's right women play full tackle football!
Honey played for a few years and we had so much fun traveling the country (ummm no I do not play but I do have amazing stat taking skills!!!!)
Go check out the Independent Women's Football League page and maybe go see a game or two with  your daughters!!! We must let our girls know they can do and be WHATEVER they what to be or WHATEVER they want to do! I grew up pre Title IX and I am still not over being told I could not do something because I was a girl! I do not want my daughters to hear that phrase EVER!
We must allow our daughters to fullfil their dreams no matter what those dreams are and we as moms must not limit them!
It always saddens me to watch softball, basketball, volleyball, baseball and not see more women coaching and officiating! Come on ladies we must step up! Our daughters need to see us doing these things.
 And so must our sons!! If one only has sons, coach them! Officiate the games - if you don't know how, LEARN! Don't just sit on the sidelines and be team moms! Participate on the field!! Everyone has a busy life (which is the excuse we hear most often about parents not helping. Really? These are your kids, find the time!) and if your don't know the sport, take a class, go online, buy a book, go see the sport played by professionals.
This season we have three playing on five different teams, two different sports, one of which Honey coaches.  (Thankfully, one of those teams is done now!!) It's hard and it's busy but it is sooo worth it!
Ok rant done! Thanks for sticking with my ramblings (if you did!) and don't forget to go check out the Independent Women's Football League page!!!!

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