Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Here are some shots from this past week. We hadn't planned on going to Arizona. Honey had to go for work (she plans her classes around spring training.) But then tax money came in and I loaded up the truck with kids and away we went! The girls were so excited, the teenage boy not so much!!We saw five games in four days and bought the kids new helmets (pictures are on the way - I have almost 2000 pictures to process!) The weather was beyond amazing and we all came home suntanned and tired!We even managed to get Tim Lincecums autograph and some cool shots of him. The youngest had a pink journal that she was using for autographs and the other two complained she got so many signatures because everyone wanted to sign her pretty pink book!I have no idea who the people are in these next two shots, but I really like them.
The best story from the whole week was: On our way to a Dodgers/A's game, the youngest daughter say the only autograph she wants is Andre Ethier. We pull into the wrong parking lot and the attendants say the team bus will be here in a bit and sometimes they sign for the kids. So while we were turning around, we notice a man all clad in Dodger blue. The girls think oohh a Dodger and jump out of the car. Yup, Andre Ethier.
And that was so killer. No one wanted to come home, there was so much baseball left to see.

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