Thursday, April 21, 2011

More Georgia pictures......

We were in Georgia for four days and it was softball, softball, and more softball. However, I did manage to sneak away one morning to visit River walk in Columbus. Pretty, but I think I prefer the Riverwalk in San Antonio. In the picture above I am on the Georgia side and looking over my shoulder is Alabama. We had an AMAZING rib dinner in Alabama!!!Now there are Mike and Ed's in Georgia, but seriously? I live in California, jumping across state lines takes HOURS!!! I also tasted the most wonderful buttermilk pie EVER!! It was so good I got the receipe, hope to make it soon....

 You wouldn't know it from these shots but, these shot were taken the morning after those horrible storms rolled through. Two tornado warnings in one night!!! Way to much for me....... But I do have a story, Coach's mom and I decided we wanted to go out for dinner friday night (the night of the storm) so we headed into Alabama and stopped at a Waffle House. As we are sitting there, Coach called to tell us about the warnings and that we should get back to the hotel. Well, Mom and I looked at each other and decided to go ahead and eat first. It really didn't look bad outside. A couple came walked in and I asked them if they had heard about the warning. They had, and so I asked them if they were worried. They said no the storms were way south and east of us. I asked them if the got worried to let us know, the man said if we saw him jump over the counter to panic... Never happened. Haha!!

 I do not know the name of the lady in the above shot, but as we were walking along we stopped to look in her bucket and her husband told it was her very first catch in there. Unfortunately, their camera had died and they couldn't get a picture of it. Well, I couldn't let that happen, so I snapped the shot and got her email address and emailed it to her. Her husband said he wasn't taking her fishing again...haha!!

 It was simply a stunning walk! Aren't these turtles cute?
 I just love travel and wish I could do it more often. Forget traveling outside the country, we have such amazing places here, maybe not as old, but still AMAZING!!!!


  1. Love the pictures! What fun trip - and so easy to so some state hopping!! :)

  2. Nice post... I love buttermilk pie!

  3. Looks like you had a great vacation. Great pics. I don't think I have ever had buttermilk pie!

  4. Ok so next year I have a suggestion for UAV....You score keeper, me photographer :)

  5. Glad you had a nice visit to GA! I have only ever been to the southern part of GA. I agree with you though, no need to travel outside the USA, there are plenty of beautiful places right here! Love the turtles too!


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