Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The World Series Trip to Georgia....

The University of Antelope Valley is a new school (and where I attend for my AS in Paralegal studies), and they started their athletics program with softball. The Pioneers did awesome this past season playing NCSA club ball. No one starts out playing D1 ball, everyone has to earn that status. This season the Pioneers took one step closer D1 or D2, by winning their conference and earning a bid to the World Series in Georgia. It's kind of like JV  for the universities. 
They fought hard but came out one game short and lost in championship game against Florida State University. (Which nobody beat all tournament - we lost to them three times). So, we took second!! For a first season program, that is not too shabby, and I am pretty proud of the girls!!!!
I went with the team as their scorekeeper. I raised $700.00 in a week to go. I kept score and stats and every night I would send a picture of the book to Honey and she would put all the stats in a digital format for the Coach and email stats off to the papers!! Love technology!!!!

Georgia was beautiful!! Even experienced my first two tornado warnings!!! A tornado touched down about 6 miles from our hotel at Fort Benning and did some minor damage, but we were all safe and sound.....

So, now I am home and on break for two weeks. I finished up the semester with a 3.8, and I am going to enjoy my time off by sewing, knitting, and crocheting!!!

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