Friday, April 22, 2011

Random Thoughts.....

So, I know I have been absent for awhile, school about wiped me out!! I kept hoping to get into a grove and just never did. I start back up May 2nd, and I hopefully my core classes will allow for more routine blogging.

 Up there we have Mater and Senior Son. He is on the varsity and graduating in May. Below is the team....
 Now we have softball playing daughter, she is (was) the starting catcher, and with her is(was) her pitcher. I say was because we had a life lesson over here at Chez Max. Honey and I had been telling Shrimp about her grades, but she didn't listen and when grade check came along.....she didn't have what she needed to stay on the team. Neither did her pitcher......
So, there was alot of crying around here for a week (both Mom and daughter!!) I hope she has learned SOMETHING.... She did make me very proud, she has been attending ALL home games(because due to grades she is on restriction..) to support her team. And trust me, she has had to endure much heckling.... And she has had to explain to alot of people why she is not playing, not been an easy month for her.

 Honey and I went to Spring Training (again) and had a blast!!!! (I am telling you, I have so much catching up to do and lots of pictures to show you!!!)
I hope you all have a great weekend!!!!!

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  1. Glad you have a break-we sure need and deserve them!! Love your family pics-sure is tough being the tough guy-but worth it!! Your family is great! Have a great weekend with them all!! Think spring!! and smiles!~wonderful!
    ~my farm on the hill~


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