Thursday, November 11, 2010

Shoot Me Thursday....

Forever In Blue Jeans

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 Mater is here for a few days. Yesterday oldest daughter and I spent the day together doing errands, having lunch, just kinda hanging out together with the boy. We had lunch at BJ's (yummy) and went to the mall, went to the bookstore (yup, had to buy the boy a Christmas book).
 Lunch at BJ's and my Shoot Me shot (taken with DD new phone!!)
After all that fun, Honey called (from work phone) to say her iphone had gone for a swim. Fell out of her backpocket into, well, the toilet!!!! So, off to AT&T to ge her a new phone. Her phone is pretty cool, but not as cool as my EVO. However, we can Fring now!! (Fring is a free video chat service!!) (Hey, if any of you have android phones or iPhone4 phones and you want to chat I am jmilitello!!) A friend of mine and I use Fring and it is really cool! Can't wait for 4G service to get up here next month!!
Happy Vetern's Day to all who have served or are currently serving!!! (My Dad and Honey are Army vets) Back in the day I was an Army brat for a few years!! I remember being stationed at Fort Riley in Kansas. It is also the place where my sister made her debut into the world!! (Love you Dede!!! And because I love you, and you read my blog, I will not tell everyone WHEN you made your debut!!!)  Go here for more info! (On Fort Riley not my sister! Heehee!!)


  1. Great photos! Congrats on the new phone...I know you've really been wanting it!:)

  2. haha! I know the reason you aren't telling my age is cuz then everyone will do the math and figure out the age of my 5 years older than me sister... =) Love you too sissy!

  3. I have an android - I will have to check out this Fring!!


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