Friday, November 12, 2010

Blog Hopping Today.......

It was so cold and windy yesterday, so we spent the day indoors watching tv and spending some time with the kids. I made a great pork chop with brown rice and side of fruit dinner. A little hot apple cider while catching up on Hells Kitchen. Just about a perfect day!! Today will be laundry and I have material to make a couple of fleece blankets (Pink ribbon one for me and a Cowboy one for Honey) I have already made fleece blankets for the kids, including Mater who has a Mater blanket (naturally!!!!)

This little guy (or gal, I can't tell...) has been adopted. Actually all three kittens have found homes!! I am so excited!!! They will be going to their new homes in three weeks!!!! Well, except for Garfield, he (and again, I think he is a he...) will be staying with us!!

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  1. As cute as that last pic is, my eyes are starting to itch just looking at him/her. Glad you found homes for the kitties!


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