Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Not so Wordless Wednesday....

Wordish Wednesday


So, we just got the Mustang out of the shop. (While returning home from Disneyland a few weeks ago, I stopped for traffic and the guy behind me didn't. $2,400.00 later....) Anyway, the battery died. It was the original battery (2006) so we really did need to replace it. Honey and I have no freaking clue how to do anything on cars!!! But a very nice man jump started our car and off we went to Auto Zone, praying they would be able to replace the battery. I mean, we knew we could buy a battery from them, but swapping them out?

Look ma! No battery!!! Well, now I know how to switch batteries. (Sorry, I didn't charge my camera and so these are EVO pictures!!!  Well, by then we were starving (cold weather and dead batteries will do that to a person!!) I have been hearing about a new place on the boulevard, off we went.
 Our town is laid out on a grid, letters going north to south and numbers east to west, with one mile between each.  Meaning, between A and B it's a mile, and there are A1, A2, etc smaller street between. Division Street divides eastside from westside. Really hard to get lost around here!! Well, as long as one knows whether the address is east or west!! That and the city officials have decided that a perfectly good system needed tweeking and changed a MAJOR street from Ave P to Rancho Vista! Why? I don't know! But we all still refer to it as Ave P!! (See why I titled this post, Not So Wordless Wdnesday??)
 Moving on....The Boulevard  (actually it is the cities namesake street) used to be  the hangout and cruising street for many years. But with everything else feel into old shops and no food and no wanted to hang there anymore. But the new mayor put a renovation plan into effect and the street has been redone and new shops and restraunts are popping up everywhere!! Most with outdoor seating, which was really needed, because seriously, we live where the temps are beautiful nine months of the year! But the street is beautiful! And the new shops look cool (they apparently close early. Sigh!) We ate at Bex, a really nice place with this hanging in the front!!
The tri tip was so good and the garlic breadsticks? Yummy!!!! Mater is coming for a visit and the kids are out of school for Thursday and Friday! Oh joy..........

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  1. My kids are off too:) yummy...we love garlic bread sticks....u are the best car interior photographer eva...:) i hate dealing with that shit....people need to watch out! urrrrgggghhh! wow...we need to totally update our car as well.....we get too busy. our battery might be that old too...haha! thanks for linking:)


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