Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday mutterings........

I do want to thank everyone for their very kind comments!!! I want to let everyone know, tempers (on both sides) have cooled and talking has begun. Grades are slowly going up (mostly). I think part of the problem is that I see things from the point of view of 46 years of life experience and they are looking from the point of view of this minute!! Apparently, here in the valley there is something in the air because I am hearing from alot of parents the teens are in a mood!! Thank goodness it is not just us!!!

The average teenager still has all the faults his parents outgrew.
~Author Unknown

Even as the father lays down the law, he knows that someday his children will break it as they need to break it if ever they're to find something better than law to replace it. Until and unless that happens, there's no telling the scrapes they will get into trying to lose him and find themselves. Terrible blnders will be made—dissapointments and failures, hurts and losses of every kind. And they'll keep making them even after they've found themselves too, of course, because growing up is a process that goes on and on. And every hard knock they ever get, knocks the father even harder still, if that's possible, and if and when they finally come through more or less in one piece at the end, there's maybe no rejoicing greater than his in all creation.
~Frederick Buechner,'Whistling in the Dark'

We are keeping Garfield. And we have found homes for the other two kitties!!! Yeah!!!! Garfield's greatest pleasure right now is chasing Gibbs all over the place and smaking his behind!!! Honey says it's the red hair!! Our son (the senior) has red hair. She calls him Jelly Bean because you never know what kind of red you are going to get, hot or sweet!!!

The berries are amazing this year!

Love is like the wild rose-briar; Friendship like the holly-tree. The holly is dark when the rose-briar blooms, but which will bloom most constantly?

~Emily Bronte


  1. You can add fourth graders to that list too. Sigh...

    Beautiful berries.

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  2. Is there a perfect age?

    Love your quote on the holly and friendship. Thanks for the visit to my Ruby Tuesday.

  3. you can add grown children to that list as well ;)

    so happy the kittie has a home

  4. Well, at least tempers are improving. It's annoying when life decides to throw curve balls, but it sounds like you'll work through it.

    And dang, Garfield is KA-YUTE!


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