Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My weekend!

This weekend we traveled to Las Vegas to see my parents. We went to a 51's game and had a fabulous time!!  We were only there for an overnight visit and on the way home stopped and picked up Mater. I knitted my dad a helmet liner. (Not my dad but a picture from Lion Brand - I forgot to get a shot of my dad in his liner!! Dang it!!) So now I have to finish Maters jacket and I can start something NEW with nothing waiting for me to finish!! Yea! And I have all summer to work on it!!! I love trying to figure out what to make next!!!
The boys are on summer break but the girls still have three more weeks! I'm done on Wednesday!!! Yea!  Hopefully, it starts feeling like summer soon and I can hit the waterpark with a good book!!! Because the kids either have summer school or band practice!!!!!So I am going to be on my own - ahhhhhhhhh!!!! Sweet!!!

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