Thursday, May 27, 2010

Max and I after we had just completed 3.6 miles! Yup, 3.6 miles in 55 minutes!!! Not the fastest time ever, but I DID ITI'm trying a new program, C210K. And I started at week 8, day 1. It's run five minutes and walk one minute, repeat TEN times!! And really one minute is almost why bother? haha. But I walk it just the same. This program doesn't give me two minutes left, one minute left like the other program does. I miss that. But it does tell me when I am halfway done with the run. So, I will continue with this program until I catch up to the day one week one of the B210K. And then go back to B210k.

The bottom two shots are from my run.

Forever In Blue Jeans

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