Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I'm a Runner (I think)

This is pretty much how I feel about running!! I am learning to love my runs. I feel so fabulous afterwards, during not so much! I think my head is in a better place when I am running consistently. It is now the end of May. Honey and I started on our current excerise plan January 1 of this year. We started out walking one hour every day. I could barely make it. By the end of our walk, my hips hurt so bad I could barely lift my leg to step up to the curb. And I am only 46 years old!!! Let me say that again, I could barely left my leg six inches to get onto the curb after a 3 mile slow walk through the neighborhood!! And I hurt for days!!! Then we downloaded the C25K app onto our ipods. The first day is run one minute, walk 90 seconds, repeat for a total of twenty minutes. I literally did thiswhen I finished!!!  I watched the clock for the whole sixty seconds! It was the longest sixty seconds EVER!!! I couldn't bring myself to look at what was coming up because I thought I would talk myself out of running. Week nine was running thirty minutes, no walking. Are you kidding me!? I had trouble with sixty SECONDS and somehow in nine weeks I am going to be running thirth minutes? No way! Well, I did it!! I completed the nine week program (even had a bout of pnuemonia in the middle of the training). My sister began running around the same time and has completed several runs up in Seattle and is training for her 1/2 marathon! I have now started a program called B210K. Its first day is run ten minutes, walk one minute, repeat three times!! I still haven't run all four ten minute runs. I'm close though. And I am now running the route we started off slowly walking. I still am having trouble wrappping my head around that fact! Ok, not the whole route yet but I'm close!!! Off by about a half mile. Honey and I are running the Disney 5k in September (100 days from today!!) Anyone want to run with us? Head over and sign up!!!!! And I am trying to convince her to sign up for a 1/2 marathon in November in Santa Barbara!! It's funny because last month when Honey and I went to Top to Top in Santa Monica to get my new running shoes, the VERY nice and helpful saleman said he thought we'd training for a marathon within the year. We just laughed and said, "UH nope! 5k's are about as far as we go!!" With a laugh, I might add! But while I still think marathon are NOT on my list, 1/2 marathons sounds doable!!! 
I am a runner!!! Who knows what is now possible!!

 My training partner, Max and I after one of our runs!!

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