Monday, May 24, 2010

Awards and softball

I love awards!! My friend, Cat, at Crap on my shoes, Egg in my pocket, (and yarn on the needles)  has given me these fabulous awards!! I have to tell you ten things you don't know about me and five things I hate!!
Things you don't know about me:
1. I have the patience and attention span of an ant! It makes knitting and crocheting a challenge for me. I'm surprised I finish anything!!!
2. My house does not have two walls the same color. I love color and decided when I bought this house I would never have white walls again. Apparently that meant no matching walls.
3. I have watched every (and I mean EVERY) episode of Northern Exposure! I even made a special trip last time I was in Washington to Rosyln where the show was filmed. Loved that show!
4. My favorite drink of all time is a White Russian, but I usually have a margarita (blended with salt!)
5. Anne of Green Gables was and is my favorite all time book series!
6. I can't wear heels anymore. And that realization has been very hard to bear! Cause I LOVE heels! But I guess it's just ballet flats for me from now on! Crap!
7. I am discovering that I really love to run. Not much during the run, but I love the feeling of having completed a run!! (But right now, I am not running because I hurt my toe while not wearing said high heels thus discovering my high heels days are really over!)
8. Watermelon is a gift from heaven!
9. I miss my childhood summers.
10. I have no idea how to get the bubbles out of a resin casting!!! Ugghhh!!

Five things I hate:
1. I hate dealing with customer service from just about any company!!
2. I hate not knowing what I want to do when I grow up!
3. I hate when shows are cancelled before the story line is completed (Moonlight anyone?)
4. I also hate really short tv seasons! Mostly on cable, but really?
5. I hate liars. If you say it, own it!!!

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This is how I spent my weekend. Watching regionals for college softball! Super regionals next weekend (my dad will be happy to watch womens sports next weekend when we visit!!) and then the College World Series the weekend after that!! Pac 10 represented this weekend!!!

   I have finals this week and next and then summer break! Woot Woot!!! Just wish the weather would cooperate!!!

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