Monday, April 26, 2010

It's Monday!!!

This weekend was the Poppy Festival. After spending all day Saturday at the softball field, off Honey and I went to the festival!!!There was a guy making a sandperson, bagpipes,a Russian bear and a Timberwolf!!!A fab NASA exhibit (well, alot of people here do have jobs they can't tell anyone about!! Lots of aerospace and Edwards Airforce base is here!!)And a vulture!!! We got there when it opened, the day was sunny and warm. Just a beautiful day in the high desert!!! And the food!! Yummy! Although we did not overdo, we did have a Gryo and an apple pie candy apple and a mudpie candy apple and a strawberry smoothie and a lemonade!!! Then we went home and crashed! :)And now some pictures of the babies!!! Baby is up on top. She is such a mellow Sibe (as long as we don't bring adult rescue Sibes in the house - puppoes are ok!!) Then Gibbs in his new blankie. Yup, I had to crochet him his own blanket!!! And finally Max, my running partner!!

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