Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I have no pithy title for today!!

Last night we went to see the Jethawks play. It wasn't very crowded. But we have so much fun and for 8 - 12 dollars a seat, it is a great family night out!
We are actually season ticket holders this year and I am loving it!!!! We went all out and joined the boosters! We have met some really fabulous people! It is going to be such a great baseball season, even if the boys of summer don't have the greatest season!! Tonight we are taking the kids. They are home all this week, but friday we aren't going. That is because friday is my birthday and Honey has a big day planned!
First, we are going to Dodger stadium for a stadium tour! An hour and a half of walking around the stadium, the dugouts, the locker room, the workout rooms, EVERYTHING!! (Is it friday yet?)
Then, we head out to Santa Monica to Top to Top, which is a running shoe store! They are going to put me on a treadmill and determine which running shoe is best for ME!!! So, I get a new pair of running shoes!! (Is it Friday yet?)
After all of that, we are heading back to Dodger stadium for UCLA night!!!(Is it Friday yet?)

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