Friday, January 15, 2010

Project 365, Day 14 and Basketball and Our 90 day Update

Pointed the camera right at the shiniest part of the clouds! Desaturated and viola! Honey says I take WWAAYYY too many pics of the sky. But clouds are so interesting!!

Youngest daughter is now playing basketball. Half way through practice she announced it really isn't her thing but she was having fun so she was staying. There are two girls on her team and she is one.
What she didn't know was that since I have already paid her fee, she was staying! Good thing she was having fun!
I must admit, basketball really isn't my thing either. But as Honey says it's an indoor sport so I'm not sitting outside feezing my notsoampleanylonger behind off! Plus practices are only an hour and games are only on Saturday. And she plays at the local high school. I am really enjoying the YMCA membership.

On the excerise front: 14 days down and 76 to go! We are up to walking 4.8 miles a day and we are lifting weights 3 days a week. Honey bought me a calendar so I can keep track of my daily steps. I'm up to over 10,000 a day.
I am working on better eating habits! No more snacking (all day) and fast food is a thing of the past!
I bought a rice cooker and I am converting our family to brown rice!
We had it the other night and it was all gone. I guess the kids were ok with the switch. Honey and I are discussing the merits of soy milk vs. cow milk. I don't like cow milk and she doesn't like soy. Plus apparently soy milk isn't good for you? Can anyone help me out? I love my soy milk!

We don't normally have junk food around here. It's too expensive and we are on a budget! So, that wasn't hard to give up. Lots of fresh veggies and fruit! And Honey has gone crazy buying me cookbooks for healthier eating! Guess what I am reading this weekend!

Two weeks in and my hips are not hurting any longer when we walk. I took a turbokickboxing class and now I am addicted. Monday nights are On the Ball core training with the kids (we are so uncoordinated!!) Only thing is, I have lost about four inches from my waist but not one pound!! What's up with that?


  1. Yes, changing the diet helps, and the changes where there is more than one person involved can get COMPLICATED... I guess I don't know why soy milk would be bad for you, odd... And sometimes the weight doesn't catch up with the waist, so keep it up, it will. (And no, I don't know why either... Just hoping it will on me pretty soon!) ;D


  2. OK! Someone else who pushes for indoor sports too! Yay!! My daughter does softball in the Spring and I sit in the rain half the time.

    She did basketball too. It was super fun! I'd bring my mocha, sit on a chair, and not get windburn and frostbite. It was awesome!

  3. I think soy milk is pretty safe, you just can't drink a gallon a day or anything. And I would buy organic for sure. I use soy for my cereal and tea. But I don't like the taste of it in my coffee. I have regular milk in my house too - that is what the kids drink. :)

  4. Rice Milk! That's what my DH drinks. I drink cow's milk, but I can tolerate the rice milk better than soy milk.

    Congrats on sticking to your workout plan!

  5. Great job on your diet and exercise! Usually takes about 6-8 weeks to really begin to see results, but hang in there!

    I LOVE clouds and sky pictures too!!

  6. Great job! You need encouragement too! Super Job!

    I am a new follower.

  7. I definitely recommend RICE MILK if you are unable to drink real milk. But, if you can drink it, DO IT!! The real thing is always better than imitation. Soy milk to me is oily and heavy and just plain tastes funny! Rice milk is nice and light and kind of reminds me of skim milk (at least what I remember from about 15 years ago!) Good luck!


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