Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Max is 1 and Baby is 3!!!!!

Baby always looks like the lights are on but nobody is home. Max on the other hand is always scheming to get more food. And I couldn't love either of them any more!!! These two are the most fabulous dogson the planet. Don't you love how his paw is over hers?!? They are so freakin' cute!!!!
Baby and Kittykitty "play" all day long. Sometimes I worry the hunting instinct is kicking in but one swipe of those exteremly sharp nails of kittykitty and all is evened out!!!
Please feed me!!! I haven't eaten in MINUTES!!!!!!
Tum de tum de tum de tum!!!
Gratuitous shot of the original spoiled brat - Blue!!!
If you look close enough you can see, there are FOUR animals on the bed with Honey!! Blue's ears behind her, Mamacat on her head, Baby next to her and Kittykitty on the corner. And if I am not mistaken, Precious is under the covers!!!!

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