Saturday, January 5, 2008

First fo's of the new year..

I made this bag today!! Love it!!! I adapted this pattern. I have made several of these bags in different sizes. I am gonna make one for the new semester!!!! And can I tell you I just love fat quarters!! I wait for Joanne's to have a 99 cent sale and go crazy!!!! Plus making purses can be done usually in a day or two while the kids are at school.

This bag I made as a cute little carry all. You know a bag just for keys, lipgloss, phone, and Ipod. Well, it's a little too little for me, so it went to my daughter. I used this pattern for both bags, just adjusted the sizing!!!

Tomorrow we are going to a new church. I love being an episcopalian, but at the church we are currently attending, there is NO kid ministries. So we are having to drag kids to church. My son has been going to this new church with his friend from school and loves it. He even went, willing, to a new years eve service!! I think right now is the time to get kids invovled in church, give them a foundation for them to build off of when they get to adulthood. I do not attend the church I was brought up in, but I do go to church. It is important to me. Maybe by taking the kids, it will become important to them and they will attend as adults.

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