Thursday, January 3, 2008

For 2008 I am going to....

go back to school. Yup. I have already registered and will pay for my classes next week so there will be no turning back.
I am taking a computer graphics course and a photography course. Yeah for me!!!

I am so excited!! I took two classes two years ago and got "A"'s so technically I have a 4.0 gpa. Of course those classes were crim justice classes and now I have changed my major to pohotography. (BTW - I did the same back 20 years ago when I attended CSULB. Take a couple of classes in this major and couple in that and ended up never really finishing anything.)

But as of 2008 that all stops! I am finishing something!! And I think an AA in photography is a good place to start.

Wish me luck!!!

The picture above is from Christmas Eve at the in-laws house!! Honey and the kids, Honeys' sister and her family, and Honeys' dad and stepmom and brother!!! I am taking the picture - forgot I have a timer on my camera!! Heehee!!

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