Thursday, August 16, 2007

Two Posts Today.... Max and Kitty Kitty

Normally I am yelling at Max to "leave it!!!" while he has Kitty Kitty in his mouth and he is running down the hallway. But, now I have proof that maybe, just maybe, Kitty Kitty has brought slobber upon herself. Kitty Kitty is only about 4 months old, so not too many brains yet.
Honey says she is so evil that is why she has no real name. Honey only says Kitty Kitty is evil because one of Kitty Kittys favorite pasttimes is biting Honeys toes while Honey is asleep. And we all know about kittens and their sharp kitty teeth and claws!!!!

A picture of Max and his favorite napping spot. with his very own fan. Last summer all I heard was how much money I was wasting because of the A/C, this year, because of Max I haven't heard a word. (Ok, not really, because Honey tries to be stern and I tell people she is stern, but she really isn't and didn't really say anything about last years A/C use. It makes a good story though.)

Kitty Kitty. What else is there to say? She does her own thing. Honey brought her home for me because she had blue eyes and was black. It turns out that she was just really young as, obviously, her eyes are now not blue. We are not having any more children (a collective whew!!!) so this is my forever baby. She goes to sleep while I hold her and rub her tummy.

The afghan she is napping on is one I made for Honey last winter.

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