Thursday, August 16, 2007

Football and Knitting

Here is my honey! The Los Angeles Amazons have their first game of the season this weekend in New Mexico.

I am excited and nervous at the same time. I know she loves playing this game, but really it is football after all. She plays on the O-line (I know, really?! You all thought she was a running back!!!)

Here is the team, well not all of them but most of them These women are really wonderfully nice people. They look scary and I am sure on the field they are very scary. Off the field they are great!! Three of Honeys teammates from her old team play with the Amazons. We are having a blast. I say "we" because I am going to be the "Stat Girl" (and believe me - NNNOOO one has called me girl in a very long time!!) for the team. So, in a very sideline way I
am part of the team. Actually, it is the ONLY way I will ever be part of a football team. Those women are huge!! I would get hurt and let's face it, cry. And we all know there is no crying in women's professional football. I am telling you these girls are tough!! Here is what I knit, on the sidelines, while Honey and the girls were sweating up a storm at practice. My Ipod sock!!! KnitPicks yarn, but I don't remember which color. It turned out pretty good. I used Queen Kahuna's sock cast on and it worked out wonderfully!!! By the way, I have her book (Crazy Toes & Heels Socks) and it is so great!! I am casting on socks tonight, because Honey will be on her way to New Mexico, without me!!! No Honey, cast on socks!! That's my motto, well, that and No Honey - Spend Money!!!!! Not her favorite motto!!!! Joannes here I come.....

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