Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Lady Amazons - We Won!!!

Well, Saturday was a blast!!! We won - 34 -14!!! How cool is that?? I met some great people from teams from across the country!

Ok, I know I go on and on about this team, but I am a child of pre Title IX. I remember growing up and being told that as a girl what I could and could not do or play. Do you see the girls in the picture below? They do not know a world where women do not play football, professionally!!! They are not told they cannot do something!!! They have so many opportunities and possiblitlies!! They do not hear that girls are taking scholarships away from the boys who need them. Really? I am definitely profitting from the women who came before me, because I stay at home with my children - even though I am in a "nontraditional" relationship; I knit, crochet, and quilt; but that is my choice. I believe choice is so important in being happy in life.
Seeing these women take the field, not just our team but both teams; seeing the number of fans; seeing the excitement really, I had tears in my eyes. Sappy, I know.
Now, if there would just be more women coaches on the sidelines of softball and more women umpires for the games. Girls need to see them there. But I know, little steps!! But, frustrating for me. I live in the heart of "the old boys" country. At least it comes to softball. As a child I wanted to umpire, (I didn't know - but the boys got to do it and they were looking for junior umpires) and couldn't, they wouldn't let me. Fast forward many years later and I am now a Little League Certified Umpire (softball and baseball, all divisions!) with three years experience. Now, I love umpiring but the nastiness that goes with it I can leave. But the point is: I did it! I became what they said I couldn't.

I do not mean to go a rant, but as long as I am here might as well finish. I left the Roman Catholic church because of it's stance on women and am know a practicing Anglican. I love the Anglican church, the fact I have to think and understand what I believe, not just be told what I believe. I have three girls, they will not be hindered by God or anyone else. I do really believe my decision to stay at home is very much in keeping with my views on women. It all comes down to choice and being able to make them.

OK rant done!!

(#18 is a teammate from last years team, we carpool to practice and games with her.)

The other news is the Antelope Valley Fair opened Friday night!!! We were there, fundraiser for the KHS band. But of course that did not stop Honey and I from going to see Daughtry. He was great, but the sound was horrible!!!! I mean the band sounded great but that is not the reason we were there. We were there to hear Chris Daughtry sing, but of course we couldn't. I hope the rest of concerts are better.
I love fairs!! The quilts, the tablesettings, the pictures, and the FOOD!! Food on a stick, Wow!!! And the stuff one cannot buy any place else, you know the stuff you don't need but must have during August and September!!!! We'll be back Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, and Monday working hard!!! Our tent is by the dance stage, behind the food stands. Stop by, ask for Ms. Diva and let's have some lemonade and funnel cakes!!!!!

Sunday was spent with the youngest three childrens' grandmother; Aunt and Uncle shopping for school clothes and supplies!! Their father passed away four years ago, so twice a year or so we meet up and spend time restocking closets. I do enjoy seeing them, but that wasn't always the case and is a long sad story best saved for another day.

Please meet Ruby -but her name is changing cause she isn't really a Ruby- a new member of our ever growing family!!! She is two years old, and a cuddle bunny!!! She loves sleeping on the bed and giving kisses!! I cannot wait for fall/winter to show up - dog scootering here we go!!!!

Are you ready for some football?

I am ready are you?!?!

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