Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Max and ......

Isn't she the prettiest thing?? She has turned out to be such a good dog. I love her to bits!!! Can't snuggle with Honey anymore 'cause someone has to sleep in the middle of the bed, but she is so perfect (the dog) what can one do?
Of course, this is the MAN!!!! Mad Max is he not the most handsome thing around?? And talk about spoiled!!! Honey brings home ice everyday for his majesty!!!

This is my help...can you believe how wonderful they are????
He doesn't really have my head in his mouth - it just look that way.....

Dodger Blue always looks unhappy but she isn't... notice the crochet eyeball in the background? Thanks to MonsterCrochet for her pattern. I made one of these for my nephew, Jake (5yrs), and he loves it!!
Just a bit of eye candy to leave you with until the next time!!!!!


  1. What beautiful husky's! Just gorgeous! And of course so is Dodger Blue! I have a chihuahua too and she's the best. She's an apple head and I named her Fuji!:)
    Here is her 1st birthday pic
    Have a great day!

  2. My youngest loves to look at all your pictures of the beauteous puppy dogs :)

  3. Your puppies are gorgeous what faces so cute:)hope to meet you at a meeting soon Darcy

  4. New pics of Fuji! I know mean mommy!:)


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